Death Knight – WFRP4e

Last week I shared one of my homebrew monsters for Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play 4e. Again, I’m basically creating encounters for some of my 3D printed minis I have, to work with my homebrew campaign with this rpg. This week I thought I’d share my Death Knight.
This Death Knight is my take on converting the Death Knight from D&D5e to Warhammer. It has 4 career paths of Knight and 2 from Warrior Priest. This is a tough foe with plenty of room to be made even tougher.
Note: Stats were randomly rolled from a base 30 per pg 314 of WFRP4e.


A Death Knight is a Knight punished in death for his foul deeds while living, a punishment for those who abused their power for their own gain. After death, he rises as a Death Knight forever trapped to haunt the halls of his forlorn keep, surrounded by the ghosts of those who served him.

Sometimes a Death Knight can be summoned by evil warlords to lead the armies of chaos. When a Death Knight leaves his haunt, it is upon a Nightmare or Skeletal Steed.

A Death Knight cannot truly be killed until he finds redemption for his crimes, which may come about if somehow convinced to perform a truly noble service.  

If you use this, feel free to swap out Talents (or add to them from the Knight and Warrior Priest Career, or even give him all 4 Careers of Warrior Priest), as each Death Knight will be different.


Skills: Athletics 73%, Cool 88%, Dodge 83%, Endurance 65%, Intimidate 83%, Language (Battle) 65%, Leadership 80%, Lore (Heraldry) 55%, Lore (History) 55%, Lore (Theology) 45%, Lore (Warfare) 55%, Melee (Cavalry) 98%, Melee (Basic) 98%, Pray 70%, Ranged (Bow) 35%, Ride (Horse) 73%, Secret Signs (Knightly Order) 55%
Talents: Bless (Sigmar or Ulric*), Invoke (Sigmar or Ulric*), Rough Rider, Shieldsman, Strike to Injure, Territorial, War Leader
Traits: Armor 5, Dark Vision, Fear 3, Hellfire Orb, Magic Resistance 2, Painless, Undead, Unstable (only when outside his keep or castle), Weapon +9
Optional: Corruption (Minor), Die Hard, Distracting, Fury, Mental Corruption


Hellfire Orb
Once a day on the Death Knight’s turn for the Cost of 2 Advantage, the Death Knight can throw an orb of Hellfire as a Free Attack. The Death Knight cannot be harmed by his Hellfire Orb. It is a magical attack.
Otherwise identical to the Spell Great Fires of U’Zhul, pg 248 in WFRP4e.

The Death Knight’s keep is filled with ghosts and skeletons that serve the Death Knight.
* Note: The death Knight’s prayers are now answered by dark gods, not Sigmar and Ulric.

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