So I wanted a more generic orc for a playable ancestry in my homebrew setting. This is not in line with the orcs of Warhammer’s Old World.

This particular orc is a build for a barbaric nation in a harsh northern land (I know, stereotypical), thus the higher Strength, Toughness, and Weapon Skill. Otherwise, they are more closely balanced to the playable Species in the 4th edition. Setting names are purposely left out – if you were to use this, I’d recommend giving the orcs a specific bloodline.

Brief Overview

These orcs were once part of a larger orc nation. Their ancestors waged war across the land, conquering and pillaging. Eventually their empire collapsed, shattering the once unified species and scattering them across the lands to the remote places of the world.

These orcs still refer to themselves as a nation, though it is far smaller than it once was. Their world is now cold and harsh, but they value it as their ancestral lands, and ferociously protect it from any trespassers that might threaten them.

Though they protect their borders, they have developed an uneasy truce with dwarves, the two trading with the other. Their relations with humans and elves are still often violent. Goblins are common in orc settlements, as well as the occasional ogre and giant.

Large-sized orcs are a rare noble bloodline, said to be chosen by the gods to rule.

All Attributes as Human, except for:
Weapon Skill: 2d10+30.
Strength: 2d10+30
Toughness: 2d10+30
Fate: 0
Resilience: 2
Extra Points: 2
Movement: 4
SKILLS: Animal Training (Wolf), Consume Alcohol, Dodge, Endurance, Entertain (Storytelling), Gamble, Haggle, Intimidate, Language (Orc), Lore (Orclands), Melee (Basic), Perception
Traits: Animal Affinity or Menacing, Implacable, Night Vision, Stone Soup or Tenacious, 1 Random Talent
Note: If Noble Blood is rolled, increase Size to Large with all the benefits.

2d10 Eye Color:
2          Blood Red
3          Sunset Orange
4          Silver
5-7       Light Grey
8-11     Dark Grey
12-14   Dark Brown
15-17   Light Brown
18        Flame Yellow
19        Liquid Gold
20        Forest Green

2d10 Hair Color
2          Silver
3          Icey White
4          Snowy White
5-7       Light Grey
8-11     Dark Grey
12-14   Eternal Black
15-17   Bluish-Black
18        Dark Brown
19        Treebark
20        Light Brown

Age and Lifespan: Similar to Human (15+d10)

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