G.S. Wright

A storyteller of the fantastic and surreal, of dreams and nightmares, and of the heroes and monstrosities dwelling within.

You have reached the digital realm of G.S. Wright. Here you will find access to my written works, to my playground. Anything you are looking for by G.S. Wright can be found here. Let me guide you toward what you seek.

“Wright is a natural storyteller with an excellent sense of pacing and a whole bunch of emotional connection.”

“The author is really good, and I’m eager to read more of his work.”

“Author G.S. Wright has a definite identifiable style to his writing. His narration is very dark at times, and yet it is also understated, in my view; almost like a contradiction. He melds very serious ideas, described in less verbose ways than other authors of this genre. The result is precise, “cut to the chase” pacing. And when you write horror, the reader can’t ask for more than that!”

“G.S. Wright is an incredibly gifted writer. His work has always been a great example of “a page turner”.”

“G.S. Wright does not disappoint.”

-Quotes from reviews.

G.S. Wright is a horror, sci-fi, and fantasy writer that mixes in the fast-paced action of the thriller novel, bringing you intense fiction guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat. Regardless of genre, you’ll find absorbing stories that will pull you in with realistic heroes and loathsome villains, and give you chills that will keep you up at night… turning the page.

This strange individual can often be sighted haunting the streets of various small towns and cities throughout Southern Idaho. Otherwise, he’s in his cave, writing. A lot. All the time. Sometimes he watches movies, plays guitar, or sleeps. He has a beautiful wife (who keeps him from starving) and three children (though only one shows any potential as a ninja). He also has a zombie survival plan.

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