Death Knight – WFRP4e

Last week I shared one of my homebrew monsters for Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play 4e. Again, I’m basically creating encounters for some of my 3D printed minis I have, to work with my homebrew campaign with this rpg. This week I thought I’d share my Death Knight.
This Death Knight is my take on converting the Death Knight from D&D5e to Warhammer. It has 4 career paths of Knight and 2 from Warrior Priest. This is a tough foe with plenty of room to be made even tougher.
Note: Stats were randomly rolled from a base 30 per pg 314 of WFRP4e.


A Death Knight is a Knight punished in death for his foul deeds while living, a punishment for those who abused their power for their own gain. After death, he rises as a Death Knight forever trapped to haunt the halls of his forlorn keep, surrounded by the ghosts of those who served him.

Sometimes a Death Knight can be summoned by evil warlords to lead the armies of chaos. When a Death Knight leaves his haunt, it is upon a Nightmare or Skeletal Steed.

A Death Knight cannot truly be killed until he finds redemption for his crimes, which may come about if somehow convinced to perform a truly noble service.  

If you use this, feel free to swap out Talents (or add to them from the Knight and Warrior Priest Career, or even give him all 4 Careers of Warrior Priest), as each Death Knight will be different.


Skills: Athletics 73%, Cool 88%, Dodge 83%, Endurance 65%, Intimidate 83%, Language (Battle) 65%, Leadership 80%, Lore (Heraldry) 55%, Lore (History) 55%, Lore (Theology) 45%, Lore (Warfare) 55%, Melee (Cavalry) 98%, Melee (Basic) 98%, Pray 70%, Ranged (Bow) 35%, Ride (Horse) 73%, Secret Signs (Knightly Order) 55%
Talents: Bless (Sigmar or Ulric*), Invoke (Sigmar or Ulric*), Rough Rider, Shieldsman, Strike to Injure, Territorial, War Leader
Traits: Armor 5, Dark Vision, Fear 3, Hellfire Orb, Magic Resistance 2, Painless, Undead, Unstable (only when outside his keep or castle), Weapon +9
Optional: Corruption (Minor), Die Hard, Distracting, Fury, Mental Corruption


Hellfire Orb
Once a day on the Death Knight’s turn for the Cost of 2 Advantage, the Death Knight can throw an orb of Hellfire as a Free Attack. The Death Knight cannot be harmed by his Hellfire Orb. It is a magical attack.
Otherwise identical to the Spell Great Fires of U’Zhul, pg 248 in WFRP4e.

The Death Knight’s keep is filled with ghosts and skeletons that serve the Death Knight.
* Note: The death Knight’s prayers are now answered by dark gods, not Sigmar and Ulric.

Other Homebrew Monsters
Zombie: Bloated Dead

Friday Update – 8/28/20

I’ve been sort of bashing my life back into order, like with a brick, before it has a chance to fall apart again. I’ve returned to writing, in various forms, both story and song. I’m not sure when I’m going to have anything to show for either of them, but their moving.

I am also getting Sharkbait ready for its version 1.1 release. This is just cleaning up a few editing and layout stuff, then both the ebook and the paperback will be updated.

I will also be getting the Crawl Paperback completed (finally) after Sharkbait.

I have sort of gone back to working on Hungry Gods 3, though it doesn’t have my full attention at the moment.

I’m also considering starting a Youtube Channel shortly. I’ve been enjoying the solo gaming videos, and am thinking about launching my own version. If this happens, it will be later. Still, I’m considering it.

Regardless, it may not be too long before I actually release something, so I hope to see you again soon, but with purpose. 🙂

The Bloated Dead – a zombie variant for WFRP 4e

This is a bit different post than what I normally write, but thought I’d write it for fun.

I’ve become a bit obsessed with Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play 4e. While the rest of the group wants me to run D&D 5e games, I’m distracted with the Old World.

However, I still have a hang-up with my own settings, and also I like to create adventures using 3d printed miniatures, usually monsters that don’t have representation in the WFRP book. This is fine, because I also have an obsession with creating my own monsters.

On that note, I thought I’d start sharing my “fan work” here, on my blog.

This is a basic starter monster, like you’d find in the back of the WFRP 4e book.


This zombie is inspired by this miniature by Rocket Pig Games. As I was creating the stats in Warhammer, I thought it would be fun to make him similar to a Boomer from the video game Left 4 Dead. So basically, you have a zombie encounter likely to leave your players covered in vomit and/or gore, and the sudden target of a small horde of the dead.


Whether because of their gluttonous appetite or by chaos mutation, some zombies swell to a morbidly obese size and become the Bloated Dead. Bloated Dead always lurk amongst other zombies. They use their vile projectile vomit to distract dangerous prey. The vomit blinds the prey, but also draws other zombies to overwhelm the afflicted.
Bloated Dead explode when slain, covering everything in gore.


Traits: Big, Construct, Dark Vision, Distracting, Fear 2, Painless, Undead, Unstable (variant), Vomit (variant), Weapon +8
Optional: Corruption (Minor), Diseased (Zombie Plague), Infected, Infestation, Territorial

Unstable (variant): As pg 343 in WFRP 4e, except as follows: When a Bloated Dead reaches 0 Wounds, it explodes, covering everyone and everything within two yards. Anyone affected receive a Blinded and Stunned condition.
This gore attracts all zombies within TB yards to attack the covered target, and lasts for TB rounds.

Vomit (variant): As pg 343 in WFRP 4e, except as follows: Vomit does not cause damage. All losing targets receive a Blinded and Stunned condition.
Vomit attracts all zombies within TB yards to attack the covered target, and lasts for TB rounds.
This vomit variant does not affect Weapons and Armor.
If appropriate, at the end of any round in which the Bloated Dead vomits or explodes, add 1d10 zombies to the encounter.

Zombie Plague
Zombie Plague is only spread through Wounds from zombies. Anyone who dies of the Zombie Plague rises from the dead as a zombie 1d10 x6 Minutes later.
Contraction: If you fail an Easy (+40) Toughness Test when wounded by a zombie with the Zombie Plague Disease.
(for a more apocalyptic game, change the Toughness Test to Average (+20) or harder!)
Incubation: 1d10 Minutes
Duration: 1d10 Hours
Symptoms: Blight (Severe), Fever (Severe)
Notes: Once the victim is suffering the symptoms, he will only make one roll for the Blight. If failed, the victim dies at the end of the Duration, only to rise as a zombie 1d10 x6 Minutes later.

Zombie hordes with Bloated Dead are rarely the result of necromancers, but instead being the result of the Zombie Plague.
Characters might have to protect a small town, village, or hamlet from a marauding horde, or deal with an outbreak from within.