Writing Challenges

Are you looking for a way to boost your writing productivity and improve your craft? One idea to consider is taking on daily or monthly writing challenges.

Daily writing challenges can be a great way to build momentum and establish a consistent writing habit. For example, you might set a daily word count goal and write every day until you reach it. Or, you might set aside a specific time each day for writing, such as first thing in the morning or the last hour before bed.

Monthly writing challenges can be a longer-term way to focus on a specific writing goal. For example, you might commit to writing a certain number of words or pages each month, or you might set a goal to finish a specific writing project by the end of the month.

Some other ideas for daily or monthly writing challenges might include:

  • Writing prompts: Choose a writing prompt every day or week and use it to inspire your writing.
  • Creative writing: Write a short story, poem, or other creative piece every day or week.
  • Personal essays: Write a personal essay every week or month, sharing your thoughts and experiences as a writer.
  • Book reviews: Read a book every week or month and write a review of it.
  • Writing resources: Share writing resources that you’ve found helpful, such as writing software, websites, or books.

No matter what type of writing challenge you choose, it’s important to be kind to yourself and remember that the goal is to have fun and improve your craft, not to be perfect.

Broken Things Distribution and Audiobook!

Broken Things is now available on other sites than just Amazon! Click Here or HERE for Google Books. Would you rather listen? Now you can!

Would you rather listen? Now you can! The audiobook is also through Google Books.

Writing in 2021 – Week 2 Update

Two weeks have already gone by in January. So, what have I done?! Let me tell you!!!!

First the ‘Meh…” My goal is to hit 10k words of writing a day. I am not there. Right now I’m averaging 3,227 words a day for the year. Which isn’t bad… my worst day this week was only 461 words, and my best was 4,403 words.

What’s holding me back? Editing, cover design, and publishing. That’s not really a big deal, then, because if anything’s killing my word count, it should be releasing books.

Which brings me to this week’s positives. I released three books this week. One was my new horror novel, The Devils of Dedlan Peak. Working on this book gave me the low word counts as I spent some time revising and designing. I also released one book under another pen name and a 3-book bundle for that same author.

So, not a bad week. Not the words I was looking for, but I’m not disappointed over all.

NEW RELEASE: The Devils of Dedlan Peak

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There’s something haunting the wilderness of Dedlan Peak. It preys upon anyone entering its territory, leaving a trail of torn-up bodies in its wake.

It’s supposed to be a camping trip for four friends. It’s also supposed to be a reunion between two estranged brothers.

Rob Silva hasn’t seen his brother in five years. He expects Kenny to have changed. He didn’t expect him to be a stranger. Though it looks like Kenny has done well for himself, he won’t talk about where he’s been. And he’s furious Rob’s brought friends.

A camping trip becomes a fight for survival. Can the five discover the truth about their stalker in time?

2021 Week 1 Update

Last week I set a goal of writing an average of 10k words a day. I haven’t achieved that… yet. But I did all right. Here’s what I accomplished:

  • I completed two different books. One was under a pen name, and finished around 20k words (and already published). The other is a new horror novel as myself (i.e. G.S. Wright). Final revisions are happening this weekend, along with my proofreaders doing their thing, and it should be out on Amazon first thing next week, coming in around 30k words. You’ll see the update here when it goes live.
  • Even though I didn’t publish a G.S. Wright book this week, I’m at least off to a good start with the plan of completing one a week.
  • I averaged writing 4,195 words a day, which is incredible for me. My worst day was January 1st, with 1,813, and my best was the 6th, with 7,480 words. I would have hit 10k that day, but I checked the news and got swept up in watching the coverage of the riots in D.C. Overall, a very good week for writing, and well in line with the quantity of many of the past pulp fiction writers, to which I seek to aspire. 🙂
  • Total words for week 1: 29,367.
  • Oh yeah! I almost forgot… I FINALLY got around to releasing the paperback of my last novel, Crawl, which I wrote TWO YEARS AGO! That is how far I’ve set my writing back…2 freakin’ years. Anyway, I’ll post a photo of it when I get my copies.

Goals for week 2:

  • Write and publish 2 pen name books.
  • Write and publish 1 G.S. Wright book (other than the one already written from last week)
  • Steadily increase my average word count above the 4k from the previous week, with days of hitting 10k.

I’m not ready to set any real challenges for myself yet, other than the goals listed above. Right now I’m seeing where my writing takes me, and I am going to change what I wish to write each week until I get a feel more for where I want my writing career to go.

2021 Resolutions

Here we are again, me making resolutions for a new year off writing. But first…

Last year was one of the worst years for my writing. In November, I decided to make a change, and starting as of last week, I’m all in.

In the past, I’ve always set word count goals of 1 million words for the year. I’ve hit a quarter of a million I think maybe twice? Maybe…

Anyway, I’m going big this year… 3 million.

Part two of this resolution is to write every day. I need to hit an average of 10k words a day to reach 3 million.

The third part of this goal is weekly books. That might be the craziest part.

Also I’m dividing my time between two pen names. Of course the only part this blog will focus on is the G.S. Wright books.

Anyway, follow me on Instagram or my Facebook page (and maybe Twitter) to watch how my year goes. Or here. It’s all good. I’ll try to keep this site updated frequently.

Maybe in the next day or two I’ll set down some more concrete challenges, particularly on a monthly scale.

Until then, I wish you a Happy New Year. 😁

Horror Novel Freebies and Sales

It’s Halloween Month!!!

To keep you immersed in all the horror you can read, I’ve got a bunch of freebies and sales going on, all month long, on my titles.


Starting Halloween month off, here’s a steady stream of vampires!

On October 1st (today!!!), you can read the Spilling Blood serial novels for free!!!! Episode 1 is available today through the 5th, Episode 2 will be available on the 3rd, and so on. You can grab a new episode every other day all month long! (episodes 13 and 14 will both be available on October 25th).

Also! If you would like to read the Spilling Blood series as complete novels and not as a serial, Book 1 (Spilling Blood Season I) will be available for free on October 17th through the 21st.


On October 1st through October 7th, enjoy bringing your friends back from the dead when you grab my novel The Unresting for $0.99.

October 9th through October 15th, get trapped underground with something that wants to eat you. Grab the complete trilogy of the horror series Crawl for $0.99.

If you want the complete serials of the vampire series Spilling Blood in Novel form, as mentioned above, you can grab Season I for free on October 17 through the 21st. But! Books II and III will both be on sale for $0.99 October 17th through the 23rd.

Finally, enjoy a completely different take on the zombie apocalypse with Died for You, $0.99 on October 25th through the 31st.

Writing Update Sept 25, ’20

I don’t do these updates nearly enough anymore. I used to do them on Mondays, but I’m gonna move them to Fridays.


This week, I uploaded updated files for my novel Sharkbait on Amazon. This update fixes a bunch of errors that slipped past the initial editing and proofreading phase. this current version is 1.1.

I believe you can redownload or update the ebook on your kindle ebook device.

All future paperback purchases should be version 1.1 also.


I am also nearly done with the paperback edition of Crawl. I wrote this book last Spring – not 2020 Spring, but 2019 Spring – and am just now getting around to getting it in paperback. I have been so distanced this year from my writing that I seriously forgot. Hopefully that’s changing.

Friday Update – 8/28/20

I’ve been sort of bashing my life back into order, like with a brick, before it has a chance to fall apart again. I’ve returned to writing, in various forms, both story and song. I’m not sure when I’m going to have anything to show for either of them, but their moving.

I am also getting Sharkbait ready for its version 1.1 release. This is just cleaning up a few editing and layout stuff, then both the ebook and the paperback will be updated.

I will also be getting the Crawl Paperback completed (finally) after Sharkbait.

I have sort of gone back to working on Hungry Gods 3, though it doesn’t have my full attention at the moment.

I’m also considering starting a Youtube Channel shortly. I’ve been enjoying the solo gaming videos, and am thinking about launching my own version. If this happens, it will be later. Still, I’m considering it.

Regardless, it may not be too long before I actually release something, so I hope to see you again soon, but with purpose. 🙂

Writer’s Life Milestone

Last night was one of the highlights of my writing career – I had the honor of being chosen to give the commencement speech for Wakapa Academy’s graduating class of 2019.

If you would have asked me, when I had graduated clear back in ’91, if I would ever be able to stand in front of a full auditorium of students, faculty, and their friends and family… the truth is… I wouldn’t have been able to picture it.

It was their special night, not mine. Yet to be chosen as the guest speaker will be one of the top milestones of this #writerslife.

Originally, the English department chose 3 of my books, Broken Things, Soul Sister, and Sharkbait – one for each grade level – to read for their third quarter. This was followed up with a meeting with the school board sharing the student’s work, an end of quarter parent-student meeting to show off their work, and a morning for me to spend with the students.

Being the local author, I was able to go in and spend a few hours with the class, answering their questions, discussing the books, and discussing life in general.

There is a wonderful intimacy to these events, one in which the students can share common themes from their own lives. There is a level of unexpected sharing, of connecting with the students and their own life events that as a writer you cannot fully expect, and it creates a candid moment when an author can see his writing through someone else’s eyes.

I also got to see the creativity and artistic talents of these students based around the books. There are some gifted artists, poets, and storytellers coming out of Buhl, Idaho. Watch out, world.

So there is a certain honesty and vulnerability that pays for a writer to put into his writing. Maybe not all the time, but we as human beings should seek to connnect with our audience, at least from time to time, to say, “Hey, I feel the same as you, I’ve been there. We’re not alone.” And to do this without preaching. Because at the heart of our art, it is our honesty and vulnerability that resonates with the audience. Not judging. Not preaching. Just sharing.

My first experience with a school was several years ago, at the Magic Valley High School. They had chosen Broken Things for a One Book, One School program, which means that every student and faculty member read the same book in the school over a period of a few weeks. It was a similar event, where I got to go in and spend the day with the students. To this day, going into stores, or just walking in one of the small towns of Southern Idaho, I still occassionally have those past students come up to me to talk.

It is humbling.

When I was asked to be the guest speaker for Wakapa Academy, the English teacher said that the graduating class voted who for who they wanted, and that my name was on every slip of paper.

It is terrifying to get up in front of a full auditorium for the first time. It is just as frightening to live up to the trust and expectation of those who put you there.

I’m not what you would expect at an event like this. I look like a middle-aged dreadhead hippie. I’m sure I raised a few eyebrows. And yet that moment of taking the stage, fear gives way to taking action, to the prepared words that are for the graduating students. To hopefully live up to their expectations on their day. To live up to expectations from a very flattering introduction.

This graduating class is right up there as a highlight of my life as though one of my own children had been a part of it – certainly better than my own graduation. And it is difficult to share this experience, as the last thing I want to come off as is prideful and/or narcissitic. Yet it deserves to be shared, because the experience means a lot to me. I would expect most writers do not expect to have their books necessarily well-received, especially when you think of the challenge of connecting with High School students. Of students being told they have to read your books.

So to the Wakapa Academy graduating class of 2019, congratulations, and thank you for letting me share (and steal) some of your time.

(And a special thank you to the amazing teacher and principal who made this opportunity possible! ❤ )