Writing in 2021 – Week 2 Update

Two weeks have already gone by in January. So, what have I done?! Let me tell you!!!!

First the ‘Meh…” My goal is to hit 10k words of writing a day. I am not there. Right now I’m averaging 3,227 words a day for the year. Which isn’t bad… my worst day this week was only 461 words, and my best was 4,403 words.

What’s holding me back? Editing, cover design, and publishing. That’s not really a big deal, then, because if anything’s killing my word count, it should be releasing books.

Which brings me to this week’s positives. I released three books this week. One was my new horror novel, The Devils of Dedlan Peak. Working on this book gave me the low word counts as I spent some time revising and designing. I also released one book under another pen name and a 3-book bundle for that same author.

So, not a bad week. Not the words I was looking for, but I’m not disappointed over all.

NEW RELEASE: The Devils of Dedlan Peak

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There’s something haunting the wilderness of Dedlan Peak. It preys upon anyone entering its territory, leaving a trail of torn-up bodies in its wake.

It’s supposed to be a camping trip for four friends. It’s also supposed to be a reunion between two estranged brothers.

Rob Silva hasn’t seen his brother in five years. He expects Kenny to have changed. He didn’t expect him to be a stranger. Though it looks like Kenny has done well for himself, he won’t talk about where he’s been. And he’s furious Rob’s brought friends.

A camping trip becomes a fight for survival. Can the five discover the truth about their stalker in time?

2021 Week 1 Update

Last week I set a goal of writing an average of 10k words a day. I haven’t achieved that… yet. But I did all right. Here’s what I accomplished:

  • I completed two different books. One was under a pen name, and finished around 20k words (and already published). The other is a new horror novel as myself (i.e. G.S. Wright). Final revisions are happening this weekend, along with my proofreaders doing their thing, and it should be out on Amazon first thing next week, coming in around 30k words. You’ll see the update here when it goes live.
  • Even though I didn’t publish a G.S. Wright book this week, I’m at least off to a good start with the plan of completing one a week.
  • I averaged writing 4,195 words a day, which is incredible for me. My worst day was January 1st, with 1,813, and my best was the 6th, with 7,480 words. I would have hit 10k that day, but I checked the news and got swept up in watching the coverage of the riots in D.C. Overall, a very good week for writing, and well in line with the quantity of many of the past pulp fiction writers, to which I seek to aspire. 🙂
  • Total words for week 1: 29,367.
  • Oh yeah! I almost forgot… I FINALLY got around to releasing the paperback of my last novel, Crawl, which I wrote TWO YEARS AGO! That is how far I’ve set my writing back…2 freakin’ years. Anyway, I’ll post a photo of it when I get my copies.

Goals for week 2:

  • Write and publish 2 pen name books.
  • Write and publish 1 G.S. Wright book (other than the one already written from last week)
  • Steadily increase my average word count above the 4k from the previous week, with days of hitting 10k.

I’m not ready to set any real challenges for myself yet, other than the goals listed above. Right now I’m seeing where my writing takes me, and I am going to change what I wish to write each week until I get a feel more for where I want my writing career to go.

2021 Resolutions

Here we are again, me making resolutions for a new year off writing. But first…

Last year was one of the worst years for my writing. In November, I decided to make a change, and starting as of last week, I’m all in.

In the past, I’ve always set word count goals of 1 million words for the year. I’ve hit a quarter of a million I think maybe twice? Maybe…

Anyway, I’m going big this year… 3 million.

Part two of this resolution is to write every day. I need to hit an average of 10k words a day to reach 3 million.

The third part of this goal is weekly books. That might be the craziest part.

Also I’m dividing my time between two pen names. Of course the only part this blog will focus on is the G.S. Wright books.

Anyway, follow me on Instagram or my Facebook page (and maybe Twitter) to watch how my year goes. Or here. It’s all good. I’ll try to keep this site updated frequently.

Maybe in the next day or two I’ll set down some more concrete challenges, particularly on a monthly scale.

Until then, I wish you a Happy New Year. 😁