Am I back?!

Am I back?! I dunno. I’ve actually got time to work on my books, and first up is Spilling Blood episode 12. I had a fantastic start to this year, and then it came to an abrupt end when I started working pretty much six days a week for the Postal Service – and I’ve found it very difficult to find time for writing. My writing goals are shot, and while the year’s not a waste, it’s not the year I had in mind. In the past, it’s taken a complete one full day off to get my mind back into writing, and, well, here I am writing a quick blog post about it. 🙂

Regardless, today, hours (!!!) will be devoted toward getting Spilling Blood episode 12 finished and off to my proofreaders.

For my Spilling Blood fans, the wait will have been worth it. This episode is going to be about twice as long as any episodes from Seasons 1 and 2, and lots of vampire and werewolf action/horror. You’ll hear more about it as it gets closer to launch, but I’m going to set a goal of having this Season (and series?) wrapped up before Halloween ’16.