August 1 Quick Update

Things are just as difficult as I expected. Getting up and actually writing at 4 am is still a challenge. I really like sleeping until 6, so there’s that. For day 1 of the impossible challenge, I still got through 1900 words on the current novel work-in-progress (goal was 8k, or 4 hours of writing. The day didn’t provide that kind of time).

I’ve got 12,500 words polished in said novel, so I’ve got a head start, at least, considering my lack of time.


T’was the Night Before the Impossible August Challenge….

Yeah, I think I’m really going to go for it, writing every day, shooting for no less than 8k a day, and upward to 16k a day on the good days.

This Wednesday through Saturday I’m working for the Post Office, so each of these are 8k days. Unfortunately, a day job means I can’t start quite as strong as I’d like. But then again, it also allows me to determine my level of grit.

So speaking of Grit – have you checked out Angela Duckworth’s Grit Sale? This is something that definitely applies to us writers – whether or not you can finish projects, how distracted you get, etc.

How did you score? I think it provides some valuable insight where you might find you’re hindering yourself.

August 2018 Impossible Writing Challenge

I’ve been thinking about what I want to accomplish in August, and I decided upon attempting to put in a solid 40 hour work week for every full week of August.

Why is this impossible? I’m so glad you asked. Mainly, because I’m still almost full-time at the Post Office. So that makes it the equivalent of working two full-time jobs. In fact, looking at available time to write, I might only have 36 hours to start with for week one.

For comparison’s sake, in the past, I’ve maybe devoted up to 30 hours tops, for writing, in any given week, with part-time hours, around 20, far more common. Some weeks? Much less.

So! August’s breakdown –

G.S. Wright – 8 books, ranging between no less than 10k up through potentially 50k.

Pen Name 1 – 8 short stories, around 5k each, plus two bundles.

Pen Name 2 – 3 Mid-length (25k) stories and a bundle.

Pen Name 3 – 3 Mid-length (25k) stories and a bundle.

And yes, this comes out to about 400k words. That’s 4x my best month of writing. So yeah, lots of fun. 😀

I’ll share daily updates, as long as I don’t burn out.

Upcoming Projects

I’ve been working on a new writing schedule, one where I pick away at multiple projects and genres at once of various lengths. This means all sorts of fun stuff coming up.

What exactly are we looking at? Well! Five genres to start with right now. Steampunk, horror, litrpg, urban fantasy, and paranormal. The urban fantasy and paranormal might overlap.

The five genres will rotate, and I’m also going to try to work in some pen name books too. As always, I’m probably biting off more than I can chew, but that tends to be how I roll.

In the scheme of things, I’m looking to roll out releases no later than the first week of August, some of these projects are at least half written already.

More to come.

By the way, this post was written on my phone. Autocorrect is not your friend. 😁

Blogging Life

You’d think being a writer I’d be better at blogging. Writing can be about collecting one’s experiences and documenting them – thus the blog. Yet so often maintaining a blog takes away from other writing – in my case, fiction.

On a day to day basis, we are collecting experiences, namely through social media. Maybe the two should go hand in hand.

I’ve been giving this some thought. I go through phases with social media. Lately I’ve been using it less, and have only been making a half-hearted effort to get going again. I’ve been thinking about making this blog reflect more of capturing thoughts and experiences.

Many writer’s blogs focus on writing advice or the current market. I rarely care to share my thoughts on such. Another pitfall is only focusing on sharing information about personal projects, which is usually only of interest to a loyal fanbase. When you blog rarely, you don’t get either a lot of readers or writers stopping by.

So anyway, I’m thinking about trying to chronicle life, whether interesting or boring. The challenge, then, is to be interesting – I suppose. Maybe, for this month, I’ll see about blogging day to day, whether it’s about writing or whether it’s about family, or random musings. I’ll make an effort to use pictures and social media along the way to bring the blog to life.

And honestly, you probably don’t really know me well enough to know if you care enough to stop by every day or not to check in. I’ll plan on blogging in the evenings, keeping the rest of my writing to daytime. So whether this is of interest or not, consider this my statement of purpose for a new challenge. 🙂


Changes Other Than Writing

I’ve been making some other changes in my life other than writing, and not on the artsy side, either. I changed my diet, going vegan, I track what I eat for nutrients, and to make sure that I can actively gain weight, and have started bodybuilding again. I average 10,000 steps a day. Diet-wise, I have to consume over 3000 calories a day to gain weight. Any weight. Anything less and I lose it.

Unlike a lot of people, I didn’t start this because I needed to. Technically it is something that we all should do to some extent. For me, however, it’s something I enjoy. Except for maybe the diet change. That wasn’t an easy decision, but more and more I came to realize that it was the right one.

Obviously going vegan is a huuuuuge choice. It is also one of the biggest for reducing your carbon footprint on this planet. While I initially did it for my health, I find it easier to stick to, knowing the difference being vegan makes upon the world, whether the environment or animal cruelty. And over time, meat and dairy becomes less appealing.

What made the transition the easiest was Dr. Greger’s book How Not to Die, and his companion app, Daily Dozen. To track what I eat, I like Lifesum the best, so far. Honestly, I would not have been able to go vegan at all without these tools.

It might seem that I’m making eating complicated, but it’s probably because I’m nerdy and like to track things.

Anyway, I’ll probably go back to writing-related posts tomorrow. Probably. 😛


Losing the Habit, Maybe Refinding It

Since the release of the unresting, I’ve taken a few weeks off from my writing world. I still haven’t begun working on the paperback edition either. It seems like I’ve got a backlist of stuff I need to go through… moving certain books to additional distributors… actually that’s a big thing.

But mainly, I need to find my habit again.

Amazing how easy it is to fall out of.

It’s like hitting the gym. My gym is in my garage. During the winter, it’s off season. My garage becomes a thing of clutter, with tables and chairs and other backyard stuff packed in. Oh… and hoses! They never roll properly and spiral as mad chaos everywhere. During the winter, there is no gym.

When Spring comes, as I dig out all of the stuff that makes a backyard livable, I get a gym back. By then, even if I want to, I have to get the mindset back. THere are years I have not used my gym. Because I have other things to do. I just don’t care. BUT! If I get back out there, for a couple of days, I rebuild the habit. Eventually, I like forward to being in there.

Writing is the same way, though I have never gone years not writing, especially since donning this writer’s cap. The fact that I have written very little the past few weeks is depressing, but it’s not a real long time. I need to find my habit. I overwhelm myself in planning. I just need to write.

Slow Revision Day, and Died for You Sale

I revised a single chapter yesterday.

That’s not much considering what I intended. Saturday’s are notoriously full, usually consuming my entire day, so for what it’s worth, I’m happy to at least have shown up. The problem is, it throws off my groove. I have to get myself back into the game.

On the other hand, I’ve got some new ideas for The Unresting as I near the end of its production.

So I’m extending the number of days I’ll work on The Unresting, and currently plan on finishing revision by Monday. That gives me two days, planning for no interruptions (I should plan for them, but I’m not going to). Mondays are fairly notorious for interruptions. I’ve got around 15k to work through, but there are some significant rewrites ahead.

How About a Sale?

Died for You is $0.99, this week only.


Limited Time

I intended yesterday to split my time between two different projects but ended up not quite getting in the time I needed on project one.

I came close though. within 300 words of editing to hit my goal of 7k. Then I needed to start on another book for 3500 words, but never found the time, as a long shopping trip happened, followed by pizza and movie.

Today is where I want to split my time between three books. I can already tell that’s not going to happen. I’m going to be hard up for much time. I slept in until 5 am, and it’s almost 5:30 now, so I’m an hour and a half behind, and I haven’t started yet. I’ll be working for someone else at 7 for most of the day.

So I’ll get done whatever I can.

Doing Writer Stuff

My morning routine is interrupted because my Mac is updating, so I’m working on my tablet. I don’t know if that’s pertinent to anything, except that I’m a creature of habit. When I switch machines, there’s a bit of a delay. I googled Mac updates, but I still have no idea what changes are happening. Whatever it is, it’s taking forever.


Yesterday I did somehow get in all of my desired writer-stuff time. The Unresting is progressing nicely, though I won’t be done editing it this week. I’ve given myself 7 days to get through it, requiring a minimum of 7k worth of editing a day. Yesterday was day 3. That doesn’t sound too bad, because it’s already written, right? But I still do major revisions, even though I’m 95% happy with what I wrote the first time.

One thing about revisions is that you as the writer can get a feeling for the emotions that you tried to evoke the first time. Often if you feel like the emotion doesn’t carry long enough, you can expand the scene. You get a feeling for what’s working and what’s not. Maybe it requires an additional scene to really cement in what the character is going through.

I also added a second book into the loop. It’s for a pen name (I guess that means I’m ghost writing for myself), and I’ve already written 10k of a desired 25k. Unfortunately, I wrote it more than a year ago, so I’m going through previously written stuff. My goal with this book is to get through 3500 words a day in 7 days, and yesterday was day 1.

Today I’ll repeat the process with both of those two books, targeting the same numbers. tomorrow, however, I intend to add a third book to the mix, from scratch.

See what I’m doing here? I want to complete three books a week, with a two day interval between them. Though The Unresting is a full-length 50k novel, many of the projects will be 25k, novella length. At least for now. If you ‘ve followed my blog for any amount of time, I chase new ideas all the time.

But, by next week, I want to be pushing through 75k a week, over 10k a day. Wanting and accomplishing rarely go hand in hand, and this goal is not something I’ve ever accomplished in the past. The most I’ve done is ~35k.