Writing for Jan 5, 16

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I started off strong yesterday, but life interrupted, so numbers aren’t great. I’m close to finishing a short story, and possibly Spilling Blood Episode 11 this week. Spilling Blood will still need to go through my proofreaders, but it’s going to see a release this month. 🙂

Word Counts

1/5/16 Word Count: 1,564 (ave. 1,564 wph)

Apocalypse Witch 3 +015,020/20,000

Hungry Gods 3 +1,466. 14,610/60,000

Spilling Blood 11 +0. 11,774/15,000

Pen Name Book +0. 4,679/20,000

Pen Name Short +98. 3,851/5,000

January Word Count: 17,215

For Year: 17,215

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