Pulp Fiction Writing Day 1

Yesterday was officially Day 1 of my attempt to be a pulp writer. Day 1 of decades’ worth of daily writing.

Since this is a recap of yesterday, I’m going to move this daily update to the end of the night, starting tonight, to write out my progress. So expect Day 2 later on.

So anyway…

Yesterday I pushed forward on this week’s novel, and for those of you following along, my goal is 5k words a day.

My WIP creates a conundrum because I need to pursue a word count, but I’m only going to work on 1 book at a time. The challenge is that this book already has 40k+ words written, but I have had too many ideas and the book is undergoing a major revision. I decided I’m going to still focus on this book, regardless of the situation.

And I’m only giving myself until August 14th to finish it.

Yesterday I rewrote, revised, and edited 3 chapters, adding 2,117 new words out of a total of a new total of 2,786 words. I am now officially 9 chapters into the current incarnation of my zombie horror romance.

One change I’m going to do for scheduling is that each book will take a total of 2 weeks before I let them see the light. Week 1, of course, is writing. Week 2 will be editing and revising, and then proofreaders. There will be a new book being written and a book being editing every week.

Or so that’s the idea. I’ll let the details sort themselves out as I go.

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