Pulp Speed Writing Day 8

Day 8 was an example of not being in the mood to write, but showing up to do something anyway. I had to use a timer to make that happen, but it worked.

I ended up outlining for awhile, deciding what I want to do with all my new story arcs. After that, I had about 30 minutes of writing time which got me a total 942 new words.

Day 9 will be the same. I have a few new twists for the climax that I’ll outline, and then I’ll go back and maybe add another 942 words. Day 9, however, is almost over, and it’s one of those days where I feel like crap.  Too much sun and too much heat.

Last week I averaged 1,542 words per day. This week I want my average to end higher than that. Most of the total word count will be accomplished on Day 10.

Two more of my secondary characters are going to get story arc’s now. The odds of seeing the completion of the 1st draft by the end of my Week 2 isn’t looking good. End of August, maybe?


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