Pulp Speed Writing Day 17

I didn’t think I’d have much time on Day 17, but surprisingly, I found it at the end of the night. I had about 45 minutes and worked on new material in my WIP. I still have almost two full pages of outline notes that need to be written, so it’s not as close to completion as I’d like.

I do have the first bare bones concept for a new story for the first week of September, when I’m going to put my new efforts to the test. I’ll share that every step of the way, so you can see me either succeed or fail. It’ll be fun. I’ll reveal it on the 1st. A book in a week. It’s length will be decided then, based on the week’s other commitments (see Day 15’s bullet list).

Coffee’s kicking in… time to start Day 18.

Day 17 Word Count: 1,701


  • Word Count: 23,253
  • Average Word Count per Day: 1,367
  • Current Writing Streak: 17 days

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