Pulp Speed Writing Day 25 – August and Year to Date Goals Update

25 days in and August is over. Yesterday I edited through a couple of Chapters in my WIP, because that’s all I had time for. That’s the low writing count (222 words), but I edited through 1,978 words. 14,709 of 71,404 completed (21%).

I’ve only been tracking these stats since I started this pulp speed writing challenge streak,  but here’s how I’m looking for August and the year.

Also, it’s September 1st, so I’ll be starting this week’s pulp writing speed challenge. I’m going to write a novel in 1 week. For writing time, I’ve got Sunday, Monday (limited), Wednesday, and Thursday. As of right now. My schedule is always in flux. I’ll probably write another blog post about this specifically.


  • Word Count: 42,822
  • Average Word Count Per Day: 1,381
  • Books Published: 1 (Spilling Blood Season 3, novel length collection)

2017 So Far

  • Word Count: 174,699
  • Average Word Count Per Day: 719
  • Books Published: 10 (6 short stories, 3 Novellas, 1 Novel Length Collection)

The goal was to hit 1 million words, and with a little bit of crazy, hit two million. Yeeeeaaaahhhh… Maybe the 1 million. With a lot of luck. 4 months left to do it in.


Day 25 Word Count: 222


  • Word Count: 40,369
  • Average Word Count per Day: 1,615
  • Current Writing Streak: 25 days

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