My Favorite Point of Views


My favorite Point of Views are First Person Present Tense, First Person Past Tense, Third Person Present Tense.

For First Person Present Tense, I’d originally used this POV because I thought it read better with romances that I was writing under a pen name.  I find it works very well for getting inside the head of one or two individuals through the entire book, allowing the reader to experience the emotions simultaneously with the character. I haven’t used this POV for any of my G.S. Wright novels.

First Person Past Tense at times reads like a journal. You’re hearing the story from the character in their own words. It contains all of their biases and emotions. It drops the reader into the story, while being therapeutic for the character. The character only knows the story from their perspective. I used this POV for Soul Sister, and it remains my most emotionally charged book to date. I’m revisiting this POV for the book I’m writing this week.

Third Person Present Tense is another POV that I enjoy using for books with a more romance-oriented twist. The book I’ve been working on for the past few months, and nearing release, is in this POV. I chose it because the book was originally more of a Romance in nature, but eventually also gravitated into the Horror genre. It takes the reader along for the ride with characters in real time, like watching the event unfold. I found it works equally well whether Romance or Horror.

Though in the past I used Third Person Past Tense, I’ve found myself drifting away from it. All of my older titles, Broken Things, the Hungry Gods series, the Apocalypse Witch trilogy, and the Spilling Blood Serial all fall into this POV. In the future, I am currently planning to use it less. It’s where I started, it tells a good story, but I find for me the other three POV’s work better for my voice, and what I want my story to sound like.

I’m not talking about the other POV’s. I don’t use them.

When you’re not 100% comfortable with your writing, when you find your tense shifting within your book (past and present tense jumping back and forth), pay attention to what your story is trying to tell you. You might find that you think you want to write in one POV, but the story wants to be told in another.

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