Pulp Speed Writing Day 29

Well, Like I said, Monday wasn’t going to be too great. However, not too great is now 3,366 words, so I guess that’s a win.

Our fair had a dragon. 

We spent the day at the Twin Falls County Fair. I had a really bad experience with one of the Carnies and her rudeness toward my child. I took her photo and reported her to the carnival management, and they reimbursed both my wife and me with free ride passes. It is okay to hold people accountable for how they treat children. It is not okay to be that person. I am soooo tempted to post the full story along with her picture, but that’s just my anger wanting to still fight.

Anyway, it’s getting late into Tuesday, and I should try to match yesterday’s writing, huh?

And I’m going to have to really buckle down for the next two days.

So I guess Labor Day Weekend is “Write a Book in 3 Days” weekend. One of my Twitter connections was doing this, hitting 17k a day. And I find that damned impressive. I’m not looking that up to post a link, but dang. I guess I can finish a book in the next two days if I’ve already got a good jump on it. Just… can’t… get… interrupted…

I’m thinking I’m going to dig Hungry Gods Book 3 back out and add it to my list of books needing editing. Not today, though.

  • Day 29 Word Count: 3,366
  • Current Works in Progress Word Count: Romance/Horror: 71,404 (editing completed through 14,709); Sci-Fi: 14,945


Writing Streak:

  • Average Word Count per Day: 1,907
  • Current Writing Streak: 29 days
  • Writing Streak Word Count: 55,314
  • September: 14,945
  • September Ave. Word Count: 3,736
  • YTD: 189,664
  • Ave. Word Count YTD: 768

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