Sometimes I’m really bad at using the time I’ve been given to write. Yesterday was one of those days. Being the first of the year, I’ve got all sorts of plans, actually too many, and squeezing them in is next to impossible.

And then I have days like today where I won’t have hardly any time to write.

Anyway, we’re talking about yesterday.

I split my writing between two projects – one is a paranormal thriller and the other a short story. Neither was finished, obviously, and both are brand new projects that started on the first.

I’m also doing some editing on the Hungry Gods series. I’m reading back through the old stuff to make sure the upcoming book 3 is consistent.

I spent a lot of the day researching markets and studying some different genres. The rest of the time went to work around the house.

I still haven’t talked about goals, and I’m not necessarily ready to, but one of them is going after the one million word count again. I’m off to a good start, and I’m going to try and keep the moment all year long.

  • Jan 1 Word Count: 3,189
  • Ytd: 3,189
  • Paranormal Thriller Novel: 1,884/50,000
  • Short Story (Pen Name): 1,305/10,000
  • Editing Hungry Gods Series: 9,971/162,408
  • Editing Novel (Pen Name): 11,090/77,310

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