Jan 3rd, 18 Update

I sat down and read the Book How to Write Pulp Fiction for inspiration yesterday. Sometimes, you have to remind yourself of the game. That game, of course, is the writing challenge of writing every day and hitting the word count, all for the intended purpose of making a living. For the crazy combo of fiction that I write, I need to write a lot.

If you are a writer, you’ve probably heard by now that you should write to market. I’m bad at this. I mean, Died for You, a Zombie Love Story? What?!

So anyway, I’m pushing to get through a book quickly, and yesterday I managed a solid two hours, hitting over 2500 words per hour, which for me is right about at my max output.  I didn’t push for any editing. Damn, I need to do that.

Today, if life cooperates, I’m hoping to push for 6k.

  • Jan 3 Word Count: 5,034
  • Ytd: 9,124
  • Paranormal Thriller Novel: 8,758/50,000
  • Short Story (Pen Name): 1,305/10,000
  • Editing Hungry Gods Series: 9,971/162,408
  • Editing Novel (Pen Name): 11,090/77,310

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