I’ve been thinking about how I want to up my writing production. I have a tough time just focusing on one project anyway, and as I currently work, I ignore some of the genres that I’ve put under this pen name.

My what-if is this… Can I write around 10k a day (on average) and produce… say… maybe three books a week?

I’m not talking novels, more like novellas. I’d actually be trying more for 75k words a week, not the 70k that the math adds up to. There would be full-length novels, but I’m thinking about going slightly shorter for most books, in the 25k to 30k range.

So… three books a week, but I’m also thinking that I wouldn’t write them all under one pen name, but spreading them out between three different ones. Though this blog just follows the works I do as Garth, I write lots of novellas anyway, and I think I have something like 5 active pen names. For this idea, as long as it lasts, I’d only be focusing on 3.

The other idea is that I would stagger the three books, so I’d be finishing them two days apart each.

My biggest challenge? The time I spend in the revision and second draft phase. I do two, sometimes 3 drafts.

Pulp era writers who maintained a steady output and release of 40k+ a week for their writing career learned to do clean first drafts, only revising at the behest of an editor or publisher. No revising is a writing rule of Heinlein’s. And those guys used typewriters! Obviously it’s a skill that can be learned.

To try and produce a clean first draft, I’ll be writing slower (at first), so I screw up less. I’ll be focusing on the voice while I write so I have to revise fewer sentences afterward. I’ll also do a quick reread after I finish writing each chapter. And, of course, each book will be heavily outlined¬†before I start.

Today I’m only focusing on the revision of The Unresting. It’s going to take most of this week to finish, then I’ll return to my LitRPG project.

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