Doing Writer Stuff

My morning routine is interrupted because my Mac is updating, so I’m working on my tablet. I don’t know if that’s pertinent to anything, except that I’m a creature of habit. When I switch machines, there’s a bit of a delay. I googled Mac updates, but I still have no idea what changes are happening. Whatever it is, it’s taking forever.


Yesterday I did somehow get in all of my desired writer-stuff time. The Unresting is progressing nicely, though I won’t be done editing it this week. I’ve given myself 7 days to get through it, requiring a minimum of 7k worth of editing a day. Yesterday was day 3. That doesn’t sound too bad, because it’s already written, right? But I still do major revisions, even though I’m 95% happy with what I wrote the first time.

One thing about revisions is that you as the writer can get a feeling for the emotions that you tried to evoke the first time. Often if you feel like the emotion doesn’t carry long enough, you can expand the scene. You get a feeling for what’s working and what’s not. Maybe it requires an additional scene to really cement in what the character is going through.

I also added a second book into the loop. It’s for a pen name (I guess that means I’m ghost writing for myself), and I’ve already written 10k of a desired 25k. Unfortunately, I wrote it more than a year ago, so I’m going through previously written stuff. My goal with this book is to get through 3500 words a day in 7 days, and yesterday was day 1.

Today I’ll repeat the process with both of those two books, targeting the same numbers. tomorrow, however, I intend to add a third book to the mix, from scratch.

See what I’m doing here? I want to complete three books a week, with a two day interval between them. Though The Unresting is a full-length 50k novel, many of the projects will be 25k, novella length. At least for now. If you ‘ve followed my blog for any amount of time, I chase new ideas all the time.

But, by next week, I want to be pushing through 75k a week, over 10k a day. Wanting and accomplishing rarely go hand in hand, and this goal is not something I’ve ever accomplished in the past. The most I’ve done is ~35k.

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