August 2018 Impossible Writing Challenge

I’ve been thinking about what I want to accomplish in August, and I decided upon attempting to put in a solid 40 hour work week for every full week of August.

Why is this impossible? I’m so glad you asked. Mainly, because I’m still almost full-time at the Post Office. So that makes it the equivalent of working two full-time jobs. In fact, looking at available time to write, I might only have 36 hours to start with for week one.

For comparison’s sake, in the past, I’ve maybe devoted up to 30 hours tops, for writing, in any given week, with part-time hours, around 20, far more common. Some weeks? Much less.

So! August’s breakdown –

G.S. Wright – 8 books, ranging between no less than 10k up through potentially 50k.

Pen Name 1 – 8 short stories, around 5k each, plus two bundles.

Pen Name 2 – 3 Mid-length (25k) stories and a bundle.

Pen Name 3 – 3 Mid-length (25k) stories and a bundle.

And yes, this comes out to about 400k words. That’s 4x my best month of writing. So yeah, lots of fun. 😀

I’ll share daily updates, as long as I don’t burn out.

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