2021 Resolutions

Here we are again, me making resolutions for a new year off writing. But first…

Last year was one of the worst years for my writing. In November, I decided to make a change, and starting as of last week, I’m all in.

In the past, I’ve always set word count goals of 1 million words for the year. I’ve hit a quarter of a million I think maybe twice? Maybe…

Anyway, I’m going big this year… 3 million.

Part two of this resolution is to write every day. I need to hit an average of 10k words a day to reach 3 million.

The third part of this goal is weekly books. That might be the craziest part.

Also I’m dividing my time between two pen names. Of course the only part this blog will focus on is the G.S. Wright books.

Anyway, follow me on Instagram or my Facebook page (and maybe Twitter) to watch how my year goes. Or here. It’s all good. I’ll try to keep this site updated frequently.

Maybe in the next day or two I’ll set down some more concrete challenges, particularly on a monthly scale.

Until then, I wish you a Happy New Year. 😁

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