Writing in 2021 – Week 2 Update

Two weeks have already gone by in January. So, what have I done?! Let me tell you!!!!

First the ‘Meh…” My goal is to hit 10k words of writing a day. I am not there. Right now I’m averaging 3,227 words a day for the year. Which isn’t bad… my worst day this week was only 461 words, and my best was 4,403 words.

What’s holding me back? Editing, cover design, and publishing. That’s not really a big deal, then, because if anything’s killing my word count, it should be releasing books.

Which brings me to this week’s positives. I released three books this week. One was my new horror novel, The Devils of Dedlan Peak. Working on this book gave me the low word counts as I spent some time revising and designing. I also released one book under another pen name and a 3-book bundle for that same author.

So, not a bad week. Not the words I was looking for, but I’m not disappointed over all.

2 thoughts on “Writing in 2021 – Week 2 Update

    • With a little luck, hopefully this will be a high word count week, now that I’m caught up again. I might look over my hard-drive for some other half-finished projects though. I’ve started so… many… books…

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