Rough Year So Far

January Through March

As the title implies, it’s been a rough year. I had a busy January and February, working 6 days a week for the post office. Also got incredibly sick first part of January (last time I blogged), and still had to get up and go to work because there was no one able to cover. Try carrying the mail with a stomach flu for 8 hours a day. Oh. My. Gosh. And THEN!!!! I ended up wiping out my stomache with two hernias (really rough January and February…), had surgery on said hernias in March, spent March recovering, and jury duty in April.

May’s gonna be great.

One thing that’s changed in my life is my inability to get up early anymore. I used to get up around 4 am to get extra word count in, but lately it’s been impossible. maybe it has something to do with recovery, or the exhaustion. I’m not in the great shape I’ve been in, in the past, or maybe I’m just more exhausted. I dunno. Still trying to get back on my writing schedule regardless.

The Positive

I did manage to finish a project I started clear back when I first finished Broken Things, I think like in 2013. That’s my horror novel Crawl. To help spur me to write it, I broke the book into three chunks and released it as a serial. Maybe not the best way to release a book, but it worked. I even tied it in with The Unresting and Sharkbait, though only with little Easter Egg references. If nothing else, I have that to show for 2019 (now to work on the paperback). I also released a 5 part serial under a romance pen name during my recovery downtime, so that’s a win.

Also had a short horror story published by Z Publishing House.

Wakapa Academy, a High School here in Buhl, did a G.S. Wright quarter, which was awesome. They read Broken Things, Soul Sister, and Sharkbait, depending on the grade level. Some students read all three, and a few read almost everything I’ve written . O.o

I’ll also be the Key Note Speaker at their graduation next month.

New Challenges

No, not planning on anything horrific, I just need to get myself back into competitive writing shape and get back some of my old habits that have slipped.

  1. Let’s blog daily for a week. Because why the hell not? Let’s make this through May 7th (an extra two days).
  2. Minimum word count progress: 2k a day through May 7. Should be higher. I’m going to be gentle to start. That’s 18k by the end of a week from Tuesday.
  3. Daily yoga. Or calisthenics. Or 10+ miles of walking. Something.
  4. Music. An hour or so a day on the guitar or at the keyboard.
  5. Social Media? I’ve been away.

Today’s Writing Projects

  1. Work on a pen name romance. Complete: 12332/20000
  2. Work on my current novel project. Complete: 2750/50000

Happy 2019!!!

Here we are, at the start of a new year on my blog.

Last year’s goals were once more unachieved, though I wrote a record number of words (for me), just short of 300k. I don’t remember what all I set, and I’m not going to look it up. Let’s just let 2018 die, shall we?

I’ll talk more about my goals for this year later, this week, maybe. The main goal is to hit 1 million words and publish a lot (as I announce every year). 🙂

Maybe I’ll blog everyday.

I’m starting this year recovering from a stomach flu and chest cold, so it’s not a great start. That and working 6 days a week for the Post Office since the mid-November. I’ve been sacrificing my writing time for sleep recovery, which makes me sad. Still, I’m going to attempt to show up every day to get a word count in. Because that’s how I see January 1st, as a new beginning.

Sharkbait – It’s Here!

It’s New Novel Day!

You can now download my newest novel, Sharkbait: A Mermaid Tale, on Amazon! And if you’re a Kindle Unlimited person, you can read it for free!


There are few reasons for a mermaid to leave the sea. The murder of my sister tops my list.

Shifting from mermaid to human is easy for some, but not for me. Legs are clumsy things, lacking the grace of my fishtail. The gift of the merfolk, our songs, has been taken from me.

And the human world? I’m looking for a killer in a strange city of plastic and metal, composed of nearly 900,000 individuals – a city where I don’t belong – a city with inhabitants that have other uses for my kind… some worse than death.

Sharkbait is a mermaid tale that will take you both over the land and under the sea, a captivating and colorful thriller where both allies and enemies may not be what they seem.

Available on Amazon.

Sunday Escape

Yesterday didn’t turn into a great writing day, maybe got in an hour of editing and weaving new story ideas into the draft. All in all, I added another 778 words. Deleted other stuff.

For the rest of the day, we got out of the house, a little later than planned, and went to Malad Gorge for a few hours. We had initially planned to head into the Sawtooth Forest, but didn’t have the time, what with the kids needing to get to work and all.

The Devil’s Wash Basin at Malad Gorge

On a positive note, I think all the necessary details and fun stuff have been plugged into the first draft. I’ve got about 10k to go through and make sure the story is clear before it’s off to editing.

I’m not entirely on schedule for the month, but I’m surprisingly close. Depending on what I get through today, I may well have only to drop one project. Two finished WIP’s in one week is pretty damn impressive anyway. I’m setting the bar high for next week. 😛

Sleep! The Great Interrupter of Progress

I was hoping to have the first draft of my novel finished today, and I’ve almost got all of my new ideas patched into it. I did not, however, spend much time on it yesterday. I edited a bit, and added 288 new words.

Even having a day off, if I fail to get up early, I run out of time.

Early for me is getting up around 4 or 5 am. Sometimes earlier. Getting up so early gives me time to myself, and I spent all of yesterday hanging out and playing with the family. I did need the sleep. I’m physically active enough that my body needs time to recover. I realize that sleep is good for me both mentally and physically, but I still resent the need for it. I would drop my sleep down to a few hours if I could.

Anyway, tomorrow. I’m going to try and wrap this novel up by tomorrow night.


Who Are Your Top 5 Friends?

I recently read an article (on Medium, I think) that said that you are the average of your type five friends. If you surround yourself with positive and successful people, well, that’s a good place to be. If your friends are negative and lazy… well…

When you take a look at your friends, do you find this applies? Do you surround yourself with the kind of people that you look up to and that inspire you?

Over the years, my circle of friends has shrunk, at least, as far as those I interact with and see often. Social media has kept the world smaller, and my circle of friends exists more heavily online than face to face. Best friends have moved away, and I either stayed in contact with them or let them fade away. And that’s a two-way street. It’s life, really.

It makes me think of the friendship and relationship dynamics of the Sims games. You don’t call or interact, friendships die.

So the ones you do stay in contact with, well, those are the ones who obviously matter. If you’re a writer, are your friends published? Do they actively market themselves? And I think more importantly, do you share within this circle your successes, so that you pull each other up?

It might seem weird to require your friends to meet a certain standard. But if you have a weird diet (like being a vegan), do your friends respect that, or attempt to sabotage you? If you need support (emotionally, spiritually, whatever), are they there for you?

Are you there for them?

Anyway, just thoughts.

I started August working on my novel I’m planning on finishing this week, and ended up coming up with a ton more stuff to add. I slept my morning away today (I’m physically exhausted) which is not good for my goals. I’m going to try to make it up, but we’ll see.

So yesterday amounted to only 786 new words and a bunch of brainstorming that I need to implement. It’s good stuff, so no regrets, and it only makes the book stronger (and more fun (IMHO).

September 1st Quick Update

Here we are, a month later after my last update. I obviously didn’t engage myself as I had planned. Yet though I’ve been silent, I’m really close to the release of another novel. I’m hoping it’ll be live within the next few weeks.

There are certain world events in my new novels I would like to tie together. Part of that depends on getting future stories out. So the events in The Unresting will be felt in my upcoming novels, as well as potentially bringing back some of the characters (though likely not right away). Anyway, it’s part of the brainstorming.

Finally, the other thing you’re going to see is a semi-shared world between myself and romance authors Gabbi Wright and W.G. Spencer. They introduced a shifter mythos in their Girl of Flames series, one that I helped create. You’ll see the tie-in with my next release, and maybe I’ll share some details at that point as well.


August 1 Quick Update

Things are just as difficult as I expected. Getting up and actually writing at 4 am is still a challenge. I really like sleeping until 6, so there’s that. For day 1 of the impossible challenge, I still got through 1900 words on the current novel work-in-progress (goal was 8k, or 4 hours of writing. The day didn’t provide that kind of time).

I’ve got 12,500 words polished in said novel, so I’ve got a head start, at least, considering my lack of time.

T’was the Night Before the Impossible August Challenge….

Yeah, I think I’m really going to go for it, writing every day, shooting for no less than 8k a day, and upward to 16k a day on the good days.

This Wednesday through Saturday I’m working for the Post Office, so each of these are 8k days. Unfortunately, a day job means I can’t start quite as strong as I’d like. But then again, it also allows me to determine my level of grit.

So speaking of Grit – have you checked out Angela Duckworth’s Grit Sale? This is something that definitely applies to us writers – whether or not you can finish projects, how distracted you get, etc.

How did you score? I think it provides some valuable insight where you might find you’re hindering yourself.

August 2018 Impossible Writing Challenge

I’ve been thinking about what I want to accomplish in August, and I decided upon attempting to put in a solid 40 hour work week for every full week of August.

Why is this impossible? I’m so glad you asked. Mainly, because I’m still almost full-time at the Post Office. So that makes it the equivalent of working two full-time jobs. In fact, looking at available time to write, I might only have 36 hours to start with for week one.

For comparison’s sake, in the past, I’ve maybe devoted up to 30 hours tops, for writing, in any given week, with part-time hours, around 20, far more common. Some weeks? Much less.

So! August’s breakdown –

G.S. Wright – 8 books, ranging between no less than 10k up through potentially 50k.

Pen Name 1 – 8 short stories, around 5k each, plus two bundles.

Pen Name 2 – 3 Mid-length (25k) stories and a bundle.

Pen Name 3 – 3 Mid-length (25k) stories and a bundle.

And yes, this comes out to about 400k words. That’s 4x my best month of writing. So yeah, lots of fun. 😀

I’ll share daily updates, as long as I don’t burn out.