How to Use Google+ as an Author Part I

Google+ is another option of promotion for authors looking to reach their audience. This post is about laying the foundation.

So you write books. You’ve signed up on Google+. You might have even added a few people to your circles. Now what?

Create a Page for Your Book

  • Just like Facebook, you can create Pages. On the left hand menu that runs down the side of your G+ feed, at the very bottom, is a tab called “More”. This brings up the “Pages” option. Click on “Create Page” and follow along with G+ as it guides you to create your page.
  • For an example, check out the Page I made for BROKEN THINGS (and why not click the Follow and Share buttons while you’re there?)
  • Make sure to explore all of the options, such as adding links, picture, etc.

Share Your Page with Your Followers

  • Switch back to your profile and search for your Page and Follow it. You can Share posts either as your Profile and as your Book Page, but first your book needs some attention through Likes and Follows. Use your main Profile to Share your posts from your Book Page.

In the near future, I’ll look at building an audience using G+.

In the meantime, add me to a circle on Google+: