Pulp Writing Speed Day 37 – Thoughts on Instagram

There are some days when I’m just like, what the Hell did I do all day? This is one of them. I swear I edited a lot more than what yesterday looks like. I was pretty wiped out though.

Today’s a road trip, and there will be pictures for proof, so I’m only going to try and edit a Chapter or two. Tomorrow’s going to also be a challenge since I’ll still be on my mini-vacation.

I’ll have my book moved over to my tablet so I can work from a hotel room tomorrow.

I’m a little frustrated with myself, I drag editing out forever. I’ve had shorter books take an entire month to edit, but I’m 66% done, so realistically I only have a few days left, if I could buckle down.

I’ve been switching up my Instagram to focus more on the world about me, and sharing it more as my adventures. I’ve never been one to take a bunch of selfies, unless they’re funny snapchats, and I don’t use Instagram like a lot of other writers do, posting quotes and excerpts from their books.

I think Instagram is a challenge for most writers. Most of us are introverts. And photos are visual, while we put the stories into your head. It’s a clash of two different mediums.

Yet Instagram is a story itself, chronicling the world and our lives. It makes sense, then, that we’re still telling stories with our cameras/phones. For a writer to embrace this rapidly growing Social Media, that’s how we need to see it. We need to be willing to share our more intimate stories, as they’re happening.

And sitting at your computer is part of your story. If you can capture the visual element, start sharing. However, I think that this is also a wake-up call, that there’s a world outside and around you. It’s an excuse to get out and create your own story. Make people envious that you’re a writer.

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  • Day 37 Word Count: 237
  • Day 37 Editing: 1,475
  • Current Works in Progress Word Count: Romance/Horror: 72,690 (editing completed through 48,251); Sci-Fi: 23,239


  • Writing Streak Average Word Count per Day: 1,744
  • Current Writing Streak: 37 days
  • Writing Streak Word Count: 66,279
  • September: 25,910
  • September Ave. Word Count: 1,993
  • YTD: 200,609
  • Ave. Word Count YTD: 768