Writing Prompts – Mystic Parks

This week’s theme is city parks. Most of the prompts feature magic or the supernatural.

  1. The protagonist finds a picture of someone at the park. It’s just a photograph, but the protagonist feels a connection to the person. Write about the thoughts and dreams the character has. Later, they bump into each other. Does the person live up to the protagonist’s dreams?
  2. A haunted park. Legends speak of ghosts that haunt the park. Is it true? Were people murdered there? Is the ghost of children from a horrible accident? Is it the ghost of a witch out for revenge? It all depends on the truth of the park’s history.
  3. A lost city park. It’s down a side street, nobody seems to know it exists, and the houses are strange with shady people. It’s protected by some strange magic, or exists in a pocket dimension that makes it difficult to notice. Who cares for it, and what secrets does it hide?
  4. The park is the last refuge of a clan of faeries. Their domain is beneath a hill in the city park. When conditions are right, a portal opens to their home. There are stories of strange music and lights at night, especially around certain nights of the year. There are people who have disappeared for days, with no memory of what happened to them.
  5. The park is a safe zone from nightmares that engulf a small town. Perhaps it is holy ground, but the nightmares can only reach the edge. The park might also hold the answers to stopping the nightmares.
  6. There is a lady of the park who chooses a new king of the park. But king of what? And what other duties are required?
  7. A child goes missing at the park, right under the parent’s nose. After months go by, other kids say they hear the child’s voice around the park.

Like them? Have inspiration? Did you use any of them? Let me know in the comments.