I Wanna be a Pulp Fiction Writer

Sometimes I think I’m a prolific writer. I’ve written a bunch of books and a shitload of short stories. I know I lose steam and have difficulty juggling writing when I’m involved elsewhere, but overall, I write a bunch.

But then I go and read up on the golden age pulp writers, and I realize how low my productivity really is… They Wrote 4500+ words a day, well over a million words every year…

…for decades.

Complete novels every week.

For decades.

So yeah, apparently I’m not a serious enough writer.

So… Since I’m 40-something, I guess I’d better get started if I want to compete with the pulp writers of the past. I’ve only got so many decades left!!!

So what the Hell…let’s go for it. Might as well start my shocking decades-worth of writing output today, right?

And I should totally blog it.

So, let’s set the expectation…

5k a day. That’s a number that works for me. That’s about two hours of writing a day, and 35k words a week. That’s not quite a novel a week, but the 5k a day is a minimum, so we shall see.

Instead of focusing on multiple titles, I will focus on one book until it’s finished.

There will not be a set word count for book length.

Ideas – You know those writing prompts I’ve shared? I’ve got a ton of them, so I’m okay for a year or two.

Anyway, I’ll just go for broke this week and see where I end up, then I can make other plans.

For now, this week will be dedicated to my Zombie Horror Romance.

Deadline for first draft – Sunday, August 13th.

Other project on my plate – Finish paperback of Spilling Blood Season 3.