Pulp Speed Writing Day 23

So Day 23 doesn’t look very impressive, but I started editing. I chopped 31 word doc pages from the entire book, and then deleted almost another 1,000 words from Chapter 1. I ended up adding another 121 words to Chapter 1, and ended with 2,218 words left in the first chapter.

So I’m thinking about writing a serial in Wattpad, and maybe release a chapter every couple of days. I’d have to risk maybe 30 minutes a day… I don’t know… is it worth it? Maybe I’ll do a pen name romance to progress that career. I dunno.

So I’ve got a to-do list for today…

  • Edit Work-in-Process
  • Finish Paperback of Spilling Blood Season 3
  • Outline Next Book
  • Outline Romance Serial for Wattpad (optional)

I still only know that I have two days open next week, one of which will be spent at the Twin Falls County Fair. I’ll still have the morning, however, so if my ducks are in a row, I’ll be okay. I’m going to plan on writing a 20k-25k book, at this point. Honestly, I’ll know better tomorrow.

I’ve got a list of ideas I need to read through to see which concept catches my attention. And it’s gotta be something I don’t want to make full length.

Assumptions for Pulp Speed Book –

  • Each chapter to average 1,500 words targeting a 20k book. It will likely go longer, based upon my past writing history, thus the 25k upper end.
  • Probably 13 chapters. I have 7 days to write it, so that’s two chapters a day, 3,000-word daily target.
  • I have two open days for maximum output, which needs to make up for the bad days. My writing suggests 4,000 words is realistic, so I’ll push to pass 5,000.
  • Since at the moment I’m averaging under 12,000 a week, there’s a definite challenge to this goal.
  • Michael Moorcock used to write 60,000 in 3 days. Just throwing that in there.

So maybe tomorrow will be the day I’ll announce what I’m writing.

Day 23 Word Count: 121


  • Word Count: 39,688
  • Average Word Count per Day: 1,726
  • Current Writing Streak: 23 days

Pulp Speed Writing Day 18

I put in a solid two hours of writing, getting me 4,372 words on my WIP. I am averaging 2,186 words an hour. The book is currently over 71k, with 59k being material I’m happy with. I suspect the finished book will now push 70k also.

As far as writing time, I don’t think I’m using my time all that well, and I think I on days like this I should be able to at least double it. At least it’s increasing in the right direction.

There’s not much of a guarantee that I can accomplish much over the next two days, so I’m going to just try and squeeze in what I can.

Day 18 Word Count: 4,372


  • Word Count: 27,625
  • Average Word Count per Day: 1,535
  • Current Writing Streak: 18 days

Pulp Speed Writing Day 14

Day 14 started off great, I got up and got a jump on my writing before the rest of the family awakened. I got in 2,507 words, which sadly, is the best I’ve done all week. It didn’t meet my goal of hitting 4k for the day, which means I didn’t exceed the prior week’s writing.

I did have a nice fire pit though (hot dogs and s’mores… mmmm).

Stats for Week 2 –

  • Word count: 9,502
  • Average Word Count per Day: 1,357
  • Current Work in Progress Word Count: 64,117 (actually usable: 48,850)

Accumulated Stats –

  • Word Count: 20,449
  • Average Word Count per Day: 1,461
  • Current Writing Streak: 14 days

I kind of like doing the accumulated stats. Maybe I’ll do that daily…

Fun Fact: A quick Google search says it takes an average of 66 days to form a habit (older research says 21 days).

Day 15 brings a solar eclipse. I’ll get my writing accomplished in the afternoon.



Pulp Speed Writing Day 7

I decided on Day 7 to finish Spilling Blood Season 3‘s layout for the paperback. And I did! Yay me!

Then I turned my attention to my Work in Progress.

It was my intention to finish it on Day 7, but I instead introduced 3 new characters. Complete with story arcs.

But it is making the ending far more lively. I’m thinking the book is going to be around 55k to 60k now.

So anyway, back to the day’s accomplishments…

Day 7: 

  • SBS3‘s paperback layout is finished.
  • I wrote 2,616 new words to my WIP. No polishing/editing/revising of previously written material.

Week 1:

Word Count: 10,947.