Pulp Speed Writing Day 15 – #ApophisVsRa2017; September’s Bullet List for Pulp Fiction Writing

I spent most of Day 15 running around beneath Apophis battling Ra (the solar eclipse), and then I spent another fair share of the day trying to stay awake. I’m really surprised that my hashtag #ApophisVsRa2017 didn’t catch on. I thought it was cool. 😀

So I wrote a pitiful 575 words. And I fought for every one of them.

In an effort to start September right (because I’m looking ahead here),  I’m going to plan each week’s book based on how many days I have free to write. The goal is still to write every day, write a lot, regardless, but no matter what produce something that’s art/entertainment within the time limit. That shall be my pulp writing goal. So to follow up with this up, I’ve made this trendy bullet list. Dig it.

Weekly Target:

  • 1 day available: 10k to 15k word book.
  • 2 days: 20k to 25k word book.
  • 3 days: 30k to 35k word book.
  • 4 days: 40k to 45k word book.
  • 5-6 days: 50k+ word book.

I think right now 50k in a week is crazy, so if it’s going to be longer (aka my current WIP), it’s something that will be given multiple weeks.

And since I spent a whopping couple of minutes devising this plan, you know it’s going to be great.

I was also thinking that starting in September, I’ll also rotate my pen names from month to month. For instance, September will be G.S. Wright, October will be (insert top secret pen name), and then November back to G.S. Wright, etc. I don’t know if I’ll actually do that, but at the moment it sounds nice. 🙂

Accumulated Stats –

  • Word Count: 21, 024
  • Average Word Count per Day: 1,402
  • Current Writing Streak: 15 days