Pulp Speed Day 3

Day 3’s actual new word count was a pittance at 621 words. I did, however, make it through 3,264 words, which is alright. I’m through 17,369 words in the WIP.

Word 365 also did some freaky stuff when I was about done for the day. Suddenly, I couldn’t save anything, and the program kept saying there was some type of certificate error, or it had expired or something. I dunno. Anyway, I managed to save it to the desktop before Word crashed. Excel was having similar issues.

Day 4 looks promising. I’m going to try and get through 7k words or more.

I also need to take time to further the Spilling Blood Season 3 paperback. Indie Author Day is coming up next month, and it would be nice to have a couple of new paperbacks to sell at the event.

I also received a nice review for Soul Sister. You should read the review. You should definitely read the book.


Garth Wright has written a very well crafted story in his novel Soul Sister. It’s uncommon to read a horror/ supernatural story and discover a depth of emotional intensity like the reader will encounter in this tale. The author writes the troubled emotional life of his lead character, Mia, with the confidence of someone who knows what depression does to the lives of its victims. Wright also helps his readers to understand that Mia is not the only person victimized by her depression, but that everyone in her life is touched by the lurking shadows, including her father, who passed his shadows to his daughter.