2016 – New Goals and New Beginnings

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It’s January 1st, 2016, and that means… GOALS!!! Last year, I did not hold myself to the ones I’d set. I did not meet my word counts or story goals. I’ll go into last year’s goals in a later blog post, but not today. This day is for looking forward, and setting my sights on the future.

Without further ado, here’s my agenda for the new year.

#1: Daily blog posts. With 2016, I’m introducing material not just for readers, but for writers (and possibly other artists). This will begin with Daily Writing Prompts and a Quote of the Day. Along with the self-promotion of my writing, I’ll also be doing a series of articles on writing and story development. There will be at least one article a week.

#2: Writing. I intend to publish 52 stories (short and full length novels) in 2016. That’s one a week. Which brings me to:

#3: Word count! I’m setting a goal of 1 million words, like I have for the last two years, and this year I really mean to accomplish it (~2760 words a day). Better yet, I’m going to push myself for 2 million words (~5500 words a day).

#4: Read more. I’m going to focus on 1 book a month, though a book every two weeks is my ideal.

#5: More stuff. Mainly, I intend to have gswright.com bring more value to you.

Writers (and other artists) – What are your goals? Come back and join me from time to time and share your progress.

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