Indie Author Day at the Buhl Public Library

Quick Summary: I am participating in Indie Author Day on October 8th, ’16, along with a lot of other Idaho writers/authors. Follow me (and the event) on various social media. 🙂


This Saturday, I, along with around 15 other authors (or more!), will be at the Buhl Public Libray for Indie Author Day. While most of the day is centered around workshops for indie authors, I will be signing books afterward, starting at 3:30 pm to 5 pm. This is also an excellent opportunity to meet many other indie authors.

I will have my newest novels there, including Apocalypse Witch and Soul Sister.

I am also going to attempt to keep up a steady stream of Snapchat and Instagram Stories throughout the event. Twitter and Facebook too. It might be too much Social Media. Just. Maybe. We’ll see.

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Broken Things in One Book One School


Yesterday the Magic Valley High School in Twin Falls kicked off their One Book One School program. This is a program where both staff and students read the same book, 30 minutes a day, for several weeks. They are then holding two contests: an essay and a presentation.

What is particularly exciting (for me) is that they’ve chosen my novel Broken Things for the program. I delivered 200 signed copies to the school last Thursday, and I will also participate in a meet and greet later this month with all of the students.

I released Broken Things in 2013, and this is quite an honor to be chosen (they could have chosen from any of the classics or more widely known authors). A heartfelt special thanks to Ms. Miller for getting the book attention, the rest of the faculty for their support, and to the school and students. You all are awesome. 🙂

Broken Things

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9 Dark Resolutions for Writers

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So what if the other resolutions for yesterday didn’t do it for you? What if you are already a writer, and a jaded one at that? What if your resolutions are about the underbelly of the writer life, the darker, grittier side not often talked about?

  1. Drink More. There’s a stereotype about writers that involves alcohol. Live the dream. Drink! Not beer, no, that’s for people who watch football. It’s gotta be the hard stuff. Hard Core Goal: Be done with writing by noon, be drunk by 2 (Thanks, Hemmingway!).
  2. Play More Games. Want time to go by fast? Play games. It’s easy to kill an hour or three, even on something simple like Candy Crush or Angry Birds. What, it’s already lunchtime? Hard Core Goal: Get in at least eight hours of play.
  3. Watch More Movies. Oh man, is there a lot of good movies out now or what? Superheroes, Star Wars, other shit… seriously, you can spare at least 4 to 6 hours a day for a movie fix. At the very least, watch one a day. Hard Core Goal: Movie marathon a trilogy every week.
  4. Watch More TV. Thanks Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix! So many shows, so little time. There’s only one way to get through your fantastic shows, and it involves a tub of licorice, a fresh pot of coffee, the remote, and a recliner. Hard Core Goal: Dedicate an entire day to binge watch a season of a show, especially when a new season is released.
  5. Get a lot More Sleep. Sleep’s good for you. If it’s so good for you, get more. Sleep until noon. Or 1! One is a nice moment on the clock! That is definitely a good time to get up. Hard Core Goal: Balance getting up late with going to bed late. Going t bed early is for quitters.
  6. Spend More Time on the Internet. Right now, there is a cat video you haven’t seen, and you have dedicated followers that need you to share it! It’s funny, dammit!!!! And the memes… ohhhh the memes! Like and share! There’s Facebook! Porn! All of your movies and shows! Games! Writing posts is still writing, as are the emails. Hard Core Goal: Go at least three days a week without leaving your house. There’s nothing out there you need anyway.
  7. Seek Revenge! Somebody make you mad? Did they leave you a bad review? Write them into your next story… and kill them! Laugh diabolically as you watch your nemesis perish horribly through the power of your written word. Change their name and give them a nasty trait so they won’t willingly admit it’s them in the story and sue you. Hard Core Goal: Sell them a copy of the book.
  8. Let Others Know How Much they Suck! Because you’re a writer. You’ve got Social Media. OBVIOUSLY everyone cares about your opinion, and OBVIOUSLY it’s your duty to be a troll. Bash other people’s politics, tear down their religion, bash their music and movies. You have power to abuse. Hard Core Goal: Get a t-shirt with the word troll on it.
  9. Procrastinate. [Note to Self: Remember to write this Resolution later]. Hard Core Goal: …

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2016 – New Goals and New Beginnings

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It’s January 1st, 2016, and that means… GOALS!!! Last year, I did not hold myself to the ones I’d set. I did not meet my word counts or story goals. I’ll go into last year’s goals in a later blog post, but not today. This day is for looking forward, and setting my sights on the future.

Without further ado, here’s my agenda for the new year.

#1: Daily blog posts. With 2016, I’m introducing material not just for readers, but for writers (and possibly other artists). This will begin with Daily Writing Prompts and a Quote of the Day. Along with the self-promotion of my writing, I’ll also be doing a series of articles on writing and story development. There will be at least one article a week.

#2: Writing. I intend to publish 52 stories (short and full length novels) in 2016. That’s one a week. Which brings me to:

#3: Word count! I’m setting a goal of 1 million words, like I have for the last two years, and this year I really mean to accomplish it (~2760 words a day). Better yet, I’m going to push myself for 2 million words (~5500 words a day).

#4: Read more. I’m going to focus on 1 book a month, though a book every two weeks is my ideal.

#5: More stuff. Mainly, I intend to have bring more value to you.

Writers (and other artists) – What are your goals? Come back and join me from time to time and share your progress.

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