The Last Day of the First Week of 2016!!!

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Excuse me a second, I’m going to change the way I’ve been writing these posts. *shuffle* Okay, welcome back.

I spent time knocking out words yesterday and had my second best day so far of this week, at over 5500 words. I  finished a short story (Which I’ll edit AND publish today), and made killer progress on Spilling Blood Episode 11. I really don’t lead a very exciting life. Aside from writing, I played with my youngest child and participated in conversations about Hump Day on Facebook.

Hungry Gods 3 is coming along nicely. Now that I’ve passed the 10k mark, I’m writing about Lysa. I’m sure you’re following the Hungry Gods books, right? And I know you’re dying (DYING!!!!) to find out what happened after the events at the end of Death’s Reach.

Today marks the end of the first week of  2016. I’ve already written over 22,000 words for the week, which is a sizable dent in any writing month. I have more thoughts on this, but I’ll share them tomorrow, because I can actually step back and see what the data is telling me (better than today, because there’s still plenty of time to sabotage that last mile).

Tomorrow, recorded here as a note to myself, I’ll talk about inspiration for hitting certain word counts and what I see myself accomplishing for January based on my productivity.

Here’s yesterday’s writing numbers:

Word Counts

1/6/16 Word Count: 5,548 (ave. 1,585 wph)

Hungry Gods 3 +1,246. 15,580/60,000

Apocalypse Witch 3 +015,020/20,000

Spilling Blood 11 +2,577. 14,237/15,000

Pen Name Short +1,725. 5,580/5,000 COMPLETE! Woot!

Pen Name Book +0. 4,679/20,000

January Word Count: 22,763

For Year: 22,763

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