How Many Hours Do You Write as a Full-Time Writer?

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200 (3)Are you a full time or part time writer? If you are tracking your daily word counts, you might have this answer already.

Since I am tracking my average writing speed along with my word count, I can look back and see every 30 minute writing block I do and add them up.

So… am I full time?

Not even close. My first week of 2016, with my 26,000 words, I put in 16 hours of writing. Only 16. Granted, this does not take into consideration marketing, research, and editing – strictly writing. However, adding in those other factors would not be difficult, if I could look past any time wasted.

If we are on the clock for someone else, its easy. You sit in the office for 8 hours, right? Writing is probably close to that. You stop what you’re doing to to talk to your coworkers (spouse, children), you take phone calls, bathroom breaks, lunch, etc. Even working for someone else isn’t just sitting and focusing on one single task (probably). If I worked 40 hours as a writer last week, I spent 24 hours doing other stuff.

But let’s dream for a second…  What if you gave 40 hours to writing in a week? I averaged 1628 words an hour for the week. Multiply that by 40… 65,120 words for the week. How long of stories do you tell? That’s bigger than a NaNoWriMo novel. That’s 3 20k stories. That’s 13 5k short stories.

Maybe next week I’ll revisit this and actually track time spent in chair only doing author-related work.


Yesterday goes down as a productive day, the best one so far for the year. My two focuses right now are editing Spilling Blood episode 11, and finishing one of my books under a pen name. Here’s my numbers for yesterday.

Word Counts

1/11/16 Word Count: 7,218 (ave. 1,684 wph)

Hungry Gods 3 +1,850. 21,942/60,000

Spilling Blood 11 +378. 16,192/15,000  Editing

Apocalypse Witch 3 +015,020/20,000

Pen Name Book +3,882. 9,521/20,000

January Word Count: 38,816

For Year: 38,816

2016 Completed Projects: Short Story.

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