Writer’s Life – Jan 23, 16

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Welcome back to Writer’s Life, where I share my exciting adventures from the day before… that I did.. that’s usually about being a writer…. or… EXCITEMENT FROM THE CHAIR!!!

So yesterday, I slept in until 6. I got up, wrote yesterdays, Writer’s Life, delivered mail all day, came home and crashed. I. Did Not. Write.  I didn’t even show up. On my spreadsheet, I have a big ole’ 0 on my word count. 😛

I’m okay with that. (deep breaths) I’ve got to realize there will be days that just don’t work out. (more deep breaths). Am I ashamed? I’m going to lie and say NO! I’m going to hold my chin up, and write some today. As punishment, I’m going to force myself to write 10k words for the next 5 days, Monday through Friday. I’d start punishing myself today, but I’ve got shit to do. But I can’t write about that until tomorrow, because I’m talking about yesterday.

Word Counts

1/23/16 Word Count: 0 (ave. 0 wph) 

Hungry Gods 3 +0. 38,671/50,000

Pen Name Book +0. 22,429/20,000 Editing

Apocalypse Witch 3 +021,648/20,000 Editing

Spilling Blood ep. 12 +0 2,891/15,000

Pen Name Short Story #2 +0. 2,336/5,000

January Word Count: 80,356

For Year: 80,356

2016 Completed Projects: Spilling Blood 11, Short Story.

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