Writer’s Life – Jan 28th, 16

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With the end of week 4 I have slowed down with my writing, mainly because I have to give time away for editing. This dropped me from 37oo words a day (average) to 3400 words a day. That’s overall, mind you, figured from January 1st, so my output daily this week has been significantly lower (and I took one day off from writing, so that hurt). I might be finding a more realistic pace, since editing has to be part of the daily routine.

However, that drop of 300 words will bring me down from 117k words for the month closer to 107k. Honestly not too big of a deal, but still a bummer from my point of view. There’s still 3 days left for January, I’m sitting at 97k right now for the month, so it’s going to come down to how much time I manage to keep in the chair. But I’m also very freakin’ close to finishing the editing on one of my projects. Sacrifices. *Sigh*

Also, I’ve begun to plan for February’s writing schedule. I’m pretty sure I’ve decided on the full length novel, and then there’s Spilling Blood to finish. Hungry Gods might go a little long too, beyond the 50k. Aside from my pen name projects, I might be able to squeeze in one other project. Don’t know what it’s going to be though.

(Spilling Blood ep. 1 is Free today).

Word Counts

1/28/16 Word Count: 3,501 (ave. 1,750 wph) Editing: 2 hrs

Hungry Gods 3 +1,706. 46,134/50,000

Spilling Blood ep. 12 +1,795 8,394/15,000

Pen Name Book +0. 22,892/20,000 Editing

Apocalypse Witch 3 +021,648/20,000 Editing

Pen Name Short Story #2 +0. 5,361/5,000 Editing

January Word Count: 97,329

For Year: 97,329

2016 Completed Projects: Spilling Blood 11, Short Story.

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