Writer’s Life Jan 30, 16

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If there’s one thing that gets me focused and writing every day, it’s probably this blog post. Recapping on my progress and thinking of what I need to do puts me back into a writing mood.

Yesterday I got up too late to get much of an early start, but I did manage to set aside 30 minutes and go for it. After that, I went and delivered mail. When I got home, I took a nap, but I don’t remember because I was unconscious.  😛

So today’s my last chance to get words written for January. Let’s do this. 🙂

Btw… tomorrow’s blog post will be about my January results – successes and failures. I’ll also take a look at February and where I want to go (and 29 days to do it in). There’s a few habits changes I’m going to make, one of which will affect this blog. Not a biggie, thus the change.

(Spilling Blood ep. 1 is Free today).

Word Counts

1/30/16 Word Count: 947 (ave. 1,894 wph) Editing: Nope

Hungry Gods 3 +947. 47,923/50,000

Spilling Blood ep. 12 +0 8,394/15,000

Pen Name Book +0. 22,874/20,000 Editing

Apocalypse Witch 3 +021,648/20,000 Editing

Pen Name Short Story #2 +0. 5,361/5,000 Editing

January Word Count: 99,174

For Year: 99,174

2016 Completed Projects: Spilling Blood 11, Short Story.

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