Writer’s Life – Feb 5, 16

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This is my Saturday crash, apparently. I’m really tired from the week and I failed to get up early this morning, so I won’t be getting any writing in before I leave to deliver mail. This will be a great day to force myself to write in the afternoon. You’ll know if I succeed by tomorrow.

Days like this are painful, when I’ve got my story ideas screaming to get out. It makes working for anyone else very difficult. I’ve got almost an entire week again of working with the post office. I’m not knocking the post office, mind you, I really enjoy the job. But when writing is what you do, it is painful to give your time to anyone else. That goes for when I’m painting houses/businesses too. I consider myself a full-time writer, part-time everything else, but it doesn’t work out like that all the time.

Anyway, I moved Hungry Gods 3 a little further yesterday. I am *almost done*! Since tomorrow is my only day to get a lot of writing in, maybe I’ll try and finish it. I also got in 30 minutes on my Time Travel novel.

Since I’m only getting in 1 hour each day, word count isn’t that impressive, hitting under 2k.

Word Counts

2/5/16 Word Count: 1,794 (ave. 1,794 wph) Editing: no

Hungry Gods 3 +762. 54,420/50,000

Time Travel Novel +1,032 6,567/50,000

Spilling Blood ep. 12 +0 9,262/15,000

Pen Name Short Story #3 +0 1,374/5,000

Pen Name Book +0. 22,874/20,000 Editing

Apocalypse Witch 3 +021,648/20,000 Editing

February Word Count: 10,417

January Word Count: 103,398

For Year: 113,815

2016 Completed Projects: Spilling Blood 11, 2 Short Stories

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