Writer’s Life March 3, 16

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Yesterday I completed another short story (plus edited and published, all under a pen  name though), finished Hungry Gods 3 (which moves on to the editing stage now), and began another 20k novella (also under a pen name). Although Hungry Gods is written, Apocalypse Witch 3 goes through editing first.

Just to point out how pathetic I was in February, after only 3 days in March I’ve already written more than I did last month. AND! I took one day off so far. Today’s goal is to work on Spilling Blood 12, edit on Apocalypse Witch 3, and put a little bit of time into my pen name writing.

Btw… I’m working on a Mac now. I haven’t made the transition fully, I still need Photoshop and MS Office before I’ve fully moved. So I’m still a PC AND Man guy, for the time being. Thank God for OneDrive and Google Drive. It makes it super easy to work between different machines. I also have a Windows PC/tablet for writing on the road, and being able to have files shared among all of the machines (without carrying out jump drives, SD cards, etc) is a blessing.

3/3/16 Word Count: 6,425 (ave. 2,037 wph) Editing: no

Spilling Blood ep. 12 +0 9,262/15,000

Pen Name Novella +1,217 3,658/20,000

Pen Name Short Story #3 +0 1,374/5,000

Pen Name Short Story #4 +3,159 6,998/5,000 (complete!)

Hungry Gods 3 +2,049. 58,009/50,000 Editing

Apocalypse Witch 3 +021,648/20,000 Editing

March Word Count: 11,684

January: 103,398, February: 11,551

For Year: 126,633

2016 Completed Projects: Spilling Blood 11, 1 Novella, 3 Short Stories

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