Writer’s Life – March 14, 16

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I had a fantastic day at the Magic Valley High School, and they made me feel incredibly welcome. The students and faculty were wonderful to spend time with, and we had some great conversations about Broken Things and writing in general. It was a great honor to be selected for their One Book One School program.

With writing yesterday, I worked just a little on short stories, and did some editing on Apocalypse Witch. I’m seeing some covers that are getting close to completion, so I might have a cover reveal soon!
3/14/16 Word Count: 1,651 (ave. 1,651 wph) Editing: yesPen Name Novella #2 +0 13,065/20,000

Pen Name Short Story #6 +878 4,110/5,000

Pen Name Short Story #7 +666 1,512/5,000

Hungry Gods 3 +0. 58,009 Editing

Apocalypse Witch Trilogy +15 57,872 Editing

Apocalypse Witch 3 +021,648 Editing

Spilling Blood ep. 12 +0 15,138/15,000 Editing

March Word Count: 44,044

2016: January: 103,398, February: 11,551

For Year: 158,893

2016 Completed Projects: Spilling Blood 11, 1 Novella, 5 Short Stories, 1 Short Story Bundle (of 3 titles)

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