Pulp Speed Writing Day 19


I knew I wouldn’t have much time on Friday, but I still set aside 30 minutes to get in some writing. The WIP is moving steadily forward, and I’m slowly deleting the outline as I complete the new sections.

Saturday is not looking promising, and I’ll be happy to get in 30 minutes. Just to say I showed up. There are 6 days left to complete the rough draft before the end of the month, which should be plenty of time, but then life and curve balls and all that.

Still planning on writing a book in a week the first week of September, regardless of what’s on my plate, and length based upon the number of free days I have (details in earlier post).

Day 19 Word Count: 978


  • Word Count: 28,603
  • Average Word Count per Day: 1,505
  • Current Writing Streak: 19 days

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