Pulp Speed Writing Day 20 – Telepathy. Dunh dunh DUNHHHHH!!!!

I know what your thinking right now, and let me tell ya something, you, you should be ashamed! There could be telepathic children nearby reading your thoughts (AS YOU THINK THEM!).

Woah, hold on, don’t make this about me, you dirty minded and crude individual you. This is about you. IT’s ALL ON YOU!!!! THIS IS CAPS LOCK!!!! Do you think about your mom with that mind? Sorry, that one sounded a lot weirder than I intended.

Telepathy, am I right?!

So yeah, thanks for showing up today. Have a seat, (oh, yeah, you’re probably reading this sitting down, BUT NOT THAT GUY! THAT ONE ON HIS CELL!!! He’s clearly standing, though… wait, it’s too late to prove me wrong, bucko! I saw you standing! I SAW YOU!!!!) and I’ll get on with my pulp speed report.

I wrote 2,770 words on a day I didn’t have much time to write, so TAKE THAT, LIFE DISTRACTIONS!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!! Today’s Sunday, nobody’s up, and I’ve got a little time before I head into the mountains. That’s today’s distraction – trees, water, and mountains.

I can feel this book nearing it’s ending. I feeeeeeel it. I think I can almost announce it soon. Despite all the delays, despite the haters… well, that one hater, that bastard, but nobody likes him either. Karma hates a hater, and even Taylor Swift says he’s gotta hate hate hate hate hate, so whatever. So yes, DESPITE!!!! It will be my longest published book, and I’m sure, instant classic. Seriously, you don’t want to miss it, because I’m putting a lot of my life into it, and therefore it lives too. Believe!!!

So… 20-day streak so far, average word count is crawling upward, the right way, finally!!!, and on a bad writing day, pushing me toward actual pulp speed writing. It’s a’comin’ (Idaho slang, word!!!). Average of 5k soon… Average wordsmithing per hour: 2,401. BAM!

Day 20 Word Count: 2,770


  • Word Count: 31,373
  • Average Word Count per Day: 1,568
  • Current Writing Streak: 20 days

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