Pulp Speed Writing Day 22

As expected, I finished the rough draft of my WIP. It’s not pretty yet, but the story is told. Out of the 83,000 words in this book, after I trim out the stuff that no longer belongs, I’m left with 70,800. I’m pretty happy with that.

When I edit, I add words. I read a lot about how during the second draft you should chop somewhere around 10%, but I’ll add at least that much. maybe twice that. I’ll go back and flesh out descriptions, add more dialogue, make the dialogue a bit smoother, maybe further develop a few story arcs and weak characters.

Of course, I’ve got a bit over 12,000 words I’ve already chopped, but that’s from when I only had a 40k book. And I’d thought I was almost done then.

Anyway, I’ll spend the next several days seeing how far I can get through the editing, but expect the Pulp Fiction Challenge to Start on September 1st.

Day 22 Word Count: 3,988


  • Word Count: 39,567
  • Average Word Count per Day: 1,799
  • Current Writing Streak: 22 days

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