Pulp Writing Speed Day 21 – Week 3 Growth, September Goals

wp-image-1036085911Day 21 brought me closer to my desired writing quota, hitting over 4k in two hours. My average words per hour were 2,800, but I was in the zone when the 30 minute alarm went off the last time and I might’ve gone a bit long, which skews the average. Anyway, that’s not significant.

You know, calling this, writing speed is a misnomer. The goal isn’t exactly speed, it’s quantity. If I’m shooting for 5k, it doesn’t matter how many hours it takes, as long as I put in the time. I’m not focusing on speed at all, except for how fast it takes to put out a  book.

Granted, writing speed is a huge factor, depending on how quickly I want to get away from my computer desk. If two hours is all the time I have to write, it makes sense to get as much out of it as I can. It’s productivity.

Anyway, my WIP is at 79k, of which I am happy with 66k.

And now I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am hoping to finish the rough draft today (day 22).

I could have written much more but we went to The Sawtooth National Forest, did some hiking and played in the river.wp-image-109703582

Week 3 Growth

Week 2 had seen a drop from Week 1, but Week 3 blew both weeks out of the water. That comes from finding time to write on days that I normally wouldn’t think I’d have time, or would feel too tired. Those feelings didn’t change, but I still made time. The other factor is I was going through less old writing this week, writing more new material.

This next week will have me going through my WIP, polishing it into a finished draft, which may drop the productivity.

I will, however, also be starting a new book in 4 days. It’s not a perfect starting point based on my week, because my week begins based on when I started this writing streak. And then I’m using the beginning of the month as the focus for new writing projects.

September’s Goals

  • Write 4 Books in 4 weeks.
  • Publish 3 of the 4 before the end of the month
  • Release Paperback of Spilling Blood Season 3
  • Release Ebook of WIP (watch for title announcement)
  • Release Paperback of WIP


Day 21 Word Count: 4,206



  • Word count: 15,130 (up 5,628 over last week)
  • Average Word Count per Day: 2,161 (up 804 per day over last week)
  • Current Work in Progress Word Count: 78,967 (actually usable: 66,812)


  • Word Count: 35,579
  • Average Word Count per Day: 1,694
  • Current Writing Streak: 21 days

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