Pulp Writing Speed Day 27

Saturdays are notoriously bad for me, as I mention *every week*. But! I think that trend is starting to slip. I hit 3,714 words, because I found an hour and a half to write (average 2,476 words an hour).

My novel in a week, per my pulp fiction challenge, is therefore after to a good start, despite a lackluster day 1. I’m shooting for a finished rough draft between 40k to 50k words, and it has to be completed by Thursday (Sept. 7). That’s a goal of 7k a day, and therefore I’m already 9,400 words behind (I’m at 4,500 words). But knowing that my free days are today, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, I’m going to use those days as my focus. And since today is my first official free day to write, I’m setting a goal to pass the 12k mark.


Day 27 Word Count: 3,714


Writing Streak:

  • Average Word Count per Day: 1,664
  • Current Writing Streak: 27 days
  • Writing Streak Word Count: 44,929
  • September: 4,560
  • YTD: 179,259
  • Ave. Word Count YTD: 732

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