Pulp Speed Writing Day Day 33

Yes, I know the word count looks small today, but that’s because I edited almost 14,000. That’s the amount of new words created. I would like to have the book finished maybe on Monday, for an end of week release. I am now 40% through it.

Anyway, today’s going to be busy, so I’ll try to edit another handful fo chapters tonight. I expect a low word count and high edit again.

  • Day 33 Word Count: 90
  • Day 33 Editing: 13,786
  • Current Works in Progress Word Count: Romance/Horror: 71,463 (editing completed through 28,495); Sci-Fi: 23,239


Writing Streak:

  • Average Word Count per Day: 1,930
  • Current Writing Streak: 33 days
  • Writing Streak Word Count: 63,698
  • September: 23,329
  • September Ave. Word Count: 2,916
  • YTD: 198,028
  • Ave. Word Count YTD: 773

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