Pulp Writing Speed Day 54

It is finished!

Yesterday I delivered Died for You to my editing/proofreading team. It depends on how much they get into the book on how soon it will be released.

You’ll be seeing more about Died for You in the days to come, so for now? A COVER REVEAL!!!! WOOHOO!!!!


Died for You –

An unconventional romance with blood, brains, and a whole lot of bite!!!

I have no idea what I’m going to work on today… maybe a short story.

  • Days 54 Word Count: 736
  • Day 54 Editing: 8,987
  • Current Works in Progress Word Count: Died for You: 74,478 (DONE!!! With Editors/Proofreaders)


  • Writing Streak Average Word Count per Day: 667
  • Current Writing Streak: 9 (Best Writing Streak: 38 days)
  • Writing Streak Word Count: 6,007 (Best writing Streak Word Count: 66,279)
  • September: 31,937
  • September Ave. Word Count: 1,065
  • YTD: 206,636
  • Ave. Word Count YTD: 744

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