Losing the Habit, Maybe Refinding It

Since the release of the unresting, I’ve taken a few weeks off from my writing world. I still haven’t begun working on the paperback edition either. It seems like I’ve got a backlist of stuff I need to go through… moving certain books to additional distributors… actually that’s a big thing.

But mainly, I need to find my habit again.

Amazing how easy it is to fall out of.

It’s like hitting the gym. My gym is in my garage. During the winter, it’s off season. My garage becomes a thing of clutter, with tables and chairs and other backyard stuff packed in. Oh… and hoses! They never roll properly and spiral as mad chaos everywhere. During the winter, there is no gym.

When Spring comes, as I dig out all of the stuff that makes a backyard livable, I get a gym back. By then, even if I want to, I have to get the mindset back. THere are years I have not used my gym. Because I have other things to do. I just don’t care. BUT! If I get back out there, for a couple of days, I rebuild the habit. Eventually, I like forward to being in there.

Writing is the same way, though I have never gone years not writing, especially since donning this writer’s cap. The fact that I have written very little the past few weeks is depressing, but it’s not a real long time. I need to find my habit. I overwhelm myself in planning. I just need to write.

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