Changes Other Than Writing

I’ve been making some other changes in my life other than writing, and not on the artsy side, either. I changed my diet, going vegan, I track what I eat for nutrients, and to make sure that I can actively gain weight, and have started bodybuilding again. I average 10,000 steps a day. Diet-wise, I have to consume over 3000 calories a day to gain weight. Any weight. Anything less and I lose it.

Unlike a lot of people, I didn’t start this because I needed to. Technically it is something that we all should do to some extent. For me, however, it’s something I enjoy. Except for maybe the diet change. That wasn’t an easy decision, but more and more I came to realize that it was the right one.

Obviously going vegan is a huuuuuge choice. It is also one of the biggest for reducing your carbon footprint on this planet. While I initially did it for my health, I find it easier to stick to, knowing the difference being vegan makes upon the world, whether the environment or animal cruelty. And over time, meat and dairy becomes less appealing.

What made the transition the easiest was Dr. Greger’s book How Not to Die, and his companion app, Daily Dozen. To track what I eat, I like Lifesum the best, so far. Honestly, I would not have been able to go vegan at all without these tools.

It might seem that I’m making eating complicated, but it’s probably because I’m nerdy and like to track things.

Anyway, I’ll probably go back to writing-related posts tomorrow. Probably. 😛



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