Blogging Life

You’d think being a writer I’d be better at blogging. Writing can be about collecting one’s experiences and documenting them – thus the blog. Yet so often maintaining a blog takes away from other writing – in my case, fiction.

On a day to day basis, we are collecting experiences, namely through social media. Maybe the two should go hand in hand.

I’ve been giving this some thought. I go through phases with social media. Lately I’ve been using it less, and have only been making a half-hearted effort to get going again. I’ve been thinking about making this blog reflect more of capturing thoughts and experiences.

Many writer’s blogs focus on writing advice or the current market. I rarely care to share my thoughts on such. Another pitfall is only focusing on sharing information about personal projects, which is usually only of interest to a loyal fanbase. When you blog rarely, you don’t get either a lot of readers or writers stopping by.

So anyway, I’m thinking about trying to chronicle life, whether interesting or boring. The challenge, then, is to be interesting – I suppose. Maybe, for this month, I’ll see about blogging day to day, whether it’s about writing or whether it’s about family, or random musings. I’ll make an effort to use pictures and social media along the way to bring the blog to life.

And honestly, you probably don’t really know me well enough to know if you care enough to stop by every day or not to check in. I’ll plan on blogging in the evenings, keeping the rest of my writing to daytime. So whether this is of interest or not, consider this my statement of purpose for a new challenge. 🙂


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